Acebeam / Supbeam K40-l2

Where can I find the above light at a good price? I’ve seen prices of around $110. Can I do better than this?

Hkequipment had the newest xpl k40 for quite a bit cheaper.. but that was for early birds only.. won't hurt to ask about it.

Hi ChibiM. You say they ‘had it…’. It seems to be still available? If so, I’m definitely getting one. I’ll check it out. Thanks a lot.

I’ve enquired from Hkequipment and they’ve replied… “Yes, K40 XP-L available and ready to ship, Thanks”

I meant, they had a better price.. something like 10-20below100 ;) so not sure what their price is at the moment.. probably just back to regular

Ok, sorry, I misunderstood. Thanks.

No worries! just trying to help out!

Much appreciated ChibiM!

:wink: Appreciated!