Acebeam UC15 - brightest dedicated keychain light yet!

I really like it, it could use an electrical lockout maybe and perhaps even more lumens as I never felt it get warm. I measured around 650 lumens with Soshine 10440 cells. I never tried it with AA’s as that’s not what my channel is about. :smiley:

The UV and Red light additions are great, unbelievably bright.

Wow that looks cool, was interested for a second until isaw the price… Also it would been better if it had built in battery seems a hazzle for that price u must struggle with batteries put in and out charge…

MSRP Price

HKE sell it for $52 or best offer.

My UC15 stuck in UV mode a few minutes ago, but worrying. Had to lock the tail out to sort it.

Thanks for the review. I wonder why they didn’t go with integrated battery instead, it would have much higher energy density than 10440

Thanks for the review. A shame they don’t have some type of lockout, especially with a button that sticks out like that

Quite pricey, considering it has no batteries.

Tried the “BEST OFFER” thing at $40 and they came back with $46 so guessing you could get it for around that, maybe a little less.
Probably would have bought at $40 but still on the fence. Wounder how enloops would work.

I’ll try some tonight

Too big for a keychain light IMO. Expensive too.

Definitely not worth it.


My thoughts exactly

Weighs twice as much as the Tip

Why not just get the great (IMHO) Acebeam M10 with 14500 for same practical brightness
At less cost?……

If only they could make a high quality TIP, all my requirements would be met (except for the cool factor lights).
I will likely get one of these if the price comes down.

I guess they wanted to do a compact light capable to be used during the “zombie apocalypse”, with AAAs all over TV remote controls all over the place })
I made myself the same question you did will, but at least this seems an innovative light due to the possibility to use 2 cells in a compact version, and that may have longer runtimes it some Ni-MH cells are used!

As some people said here, it is too much expensive, though :expressionless:

do you know if 10440 flattop cells will work? Hard to find button tops.

even at 40$ i cant spend that much since i dont have those type of cells anyways so kinda expensive keychain light, imo useless unless built in battery think they missed that a keychain is supposed to be easy not forcing u to struggle with batteries install and that… then u might aswell for that price buy a real proper flashlight.

1000 lumens is a bit overkill anyways, even 500 would be bright as heck if it had built in battery, even my manker lad at 300lumens max lights up pretty good in total darkness.

Saypat - best with button top cell. Flattop performance is flaky because of clearance issue with the driver mounting screws :-(ask me how I know).

10440 is for extreme output but remember the UC15 does take AAA for up to 250 lumens which is still plenty. The parallel battery format means it could run 2x runtime vs a single AAA light (depending on driver efficiency of course.)

Granted this light is on the expensive side (especially as a BLF topic) and frankly a little large and heavy for a keychain but the three types of LED options and replaceable batteries may fit some users needs. It’s not for everyone but I say yay to more choices.

FWIW, my favorite continues to be the TIP. Speaking of which, I remember when the TIPs, LADs etc. w/built-in’s where first introduced some people took issue with the fact that their batteries weren’t (easily) replaceable which meant they were “disposable” after several years. Oh, and I also have a 10 yr old Fenix L0P single AAA light on my keychain so I like traditional as well.

Solder blob a 10440. Will work as good if not better than a button top.

It is expensive, but I don’t see the batteries as a problem. It would make for a good dangler I think. Thanks for the review!

That’s a lil too big for a keychain light IMO.