pretty sure he didn’t get into turbo, that Anduril 2x double-tap to get into turbo tricks people into thinking the first double-tap brings into turbo when in reality it’s top of ramp which is like 60%

All of my anduril lights go to max turbo from double tapping from off. Is it because I have them on ramping mode and set the lowest ramp to the lowest, and top of ramp to highest?
My rot66 first edition but revised version, the one with aux on switch and bezel, also does turbo from off. Another double click brings it to strobe.

My FT03 which runs narsil goes to turbo from from off with a double click. MF01S with anduril goes to max ramp instead. If you have max ramp at 100% then that’s basically turbo.



Banggood answer:

"...today the ROT66 is getting into the warehouse, we will be fast to deliver the orders"

They should just drop ship from FF

Form sent.

So Vinh has tested again to make sure he’s on true turbo and… it is still 9000 lumens… :frowning: 18k advertised 9k real.

I was so disappointed I cancelled my order…even the throw numbers are way off.

Damn really? I assumed the 9k lumens was one of his own mods. I was hoping that the 18k lumens advertised was a different emitter layout and was more or less correct? Any comment from the group buy organizer or manufacturer?

That’s disappointing.

It still looks like a good flashlight with Anduril, best available SST-20 bins, and hard-to-find Nichia 219B as an option.

Can the group buy owner or the manufacturer chime in here? 18k lumens vs 9k lumens makes a difference between buy or no buy for most people. Most people pull the trigger due to 18k. but Perhaps we are jumping the gun here and no reason to worry, and a different variant was tested for 9?
Some clarification/ assurance that the advertised specs are correct would be appreciated here

No, 18k lumens was always unrealistic. Maybe a little bit above 10k seemed possible, but not much more.

But it was advertized as 18k. If unrealistic then it should not have been advertised as 18k. Simple as that. If this was always known to be untrue, I’d like to hear that from the person who sold it to me. I don’t like to be lied to and I usually expect the best in people, and hope that they can still provide close to 18k as was promised.

Form sent & following for updates

I totally agree with Cloud. I want to know so I can decide to cancel or not.

The lack of response to this in the thread and to the private message is rather disconcerting. And a peculiar way to do business. I am sure many will think twice before ordering or will cancel. If I knew for sure I was getting 9k lumens, I’d probably go for a MF01 instead, or a stronger D18.

There should have been some kind of response by now. I understand that there is a gray area on lumen and throw ratings however half the advertised amount especially on a premium light like this is deal breaker. Vinh is an expert and I trust his results. I have cancelled my order. Thanks to all who brought this to our attention.

I am on the verge of canceling mine too. Will give it a few more hours and then decide