Vinh measured the Osram version of the ROT66g2 to be 100k lux. That’s not bad at all for 12 small optics. The Osram CSLPM1_TG is an amazing led, even when only outputting around 800 lumens per led.

When Vinh modified the Emisar D18 with CSLPM1_TGs, he was getting around 800 lumens per led as well.

Also, Vinh’s Skylumen site sells the ROT66g2 if one doesn’t like doing business with chinese sites.

To answer your question , ff-light website have recently revised the hpl hi V3s 6500 version from 14,000 to 12,000 lumens.

Thanks… That’s not as bad as I had expected. Now if I could at least get mine in my hands. I’ve been getting the runaround with Banggood.

Banggood gave me a run around more times than I can count. I agree their customer service sucks if you can call it customer service at all. They resolved an issue with one of the lights I bought ( and it too a lot of effort) but no with another 2 that had a problem. 30%.chance of justice , I guess not so bad for a company like banggood. Have faith friend! Wish you luck with your order

Let’s say:

ROT66 G2 with 18x Osram LED = 100000 lux

Astrolux MF01S SST20 = manufacturer rating is 95000 CD or 616 meters

How does the “Lux” differ from “Candela”? (I understand that Astrolux most likely has some overstated numbers, but if it’s not that much inflated, then 95000 CD vs 100000 Lux doesn’t seem that significantly different). But of course the MF01S is a much bigger flashlight (bigger head too)…

Vinh measured the MF01S at 150kcd when it should be about 100. He also measured the GT mini at 170kcd when it should be 135. From what I’ve seen his numbers are inflated especially when it comes to floodier lights…so that 100kcd might actually be 80 or even 70.

Most importantly, Vinhs numbers are compared to Vinhs other numbers, far more commonly than Vinhs numbers being compared to different manufacturer/testers numbers. So it still tells an accurate depiction of truth, not to mention the many beam shots he produces side by side with other lights.

Vinhs numbers may mislead someone new to his website/work, but for the regular customers, it is a very reliable source of measurements for comprehending output/throw differences accurately.

Banggood said my rot66gen2 shipped yesterday.

Does this light accept both button top and flat top batteries? Also is there a particular battery that is recommended?

Same question, what’s the best high drain cell with the least sag, to ensure reaching absolute max output, for the longest duration on turbo? I could care less about the lower mode efficiency or total mAh.

Please let me know! Thanks

Samsung 20S is the best high drain 18650 but it only has 2000mah. Otherwise I recommend the Molicel P26A or Sony VTC5D. Here are some test I’ve done.

O…h… LOL I am stupid. I meant to ask the battery question on the Ni40SBT90g2 thread regarding a 26650… well I hope others had my same question and can benefit. My apologies and thank you for your response.



I just got 5820 lumens @turn on with the 219B R9080 SW45K, incidentally the tint is completely different to my Gen 1 219B R9080 SW45K ROT66.
I also received a PL47G2 for review and the O-Ring has fallen down in front of the optics, I can’t get the bezel off to sort it out.

That’s 4 of my FIREFLIES now with issues. 5 if you include the known early E07 thermal paste gap issue.

My ROT66 XPL-HI came with a crushed LED
My ROT66 219B has huge drops in power when the bottom foam wears down, battery carrier screws come lose
My E07 XPL-HI 5000k flickers, doesn’t turn on or makes poor output
My PL47G2 has rubber dangling down between the optics and glass

If FIREFLIES had EMISAR build quality it’d be my favourite brand.

I got 155000cd for the MF01S, it’s an animal.

Different better? Different worse?

Looks cooler, less yellow and slightly more rosier.

Just measured the Osram version w/ fully charged VTC6.

Output: 9,220 lumens at 1s
CCT: 6319K
DUV: 0.0002 (very neutral tint)
Ra (CRI): 68.8
R9: –25.4
Rf: 64
Rg: 96

At low mode:
Output: 199 lumens
CCT: 5632K
DUV: 0.0083 (don’t really notice the green despite the high duv)
Ra (CRI): 67.5
R9: –42.9
Rf: 66
Rg: 93

I tried it with flat tops like the P26A that usually outputs a good amount higher than the VTC6 but it actually outputs about 2,500 lumens lower int his case because this light is designed for button tops. I will measure with VTC5D with solder blobs later. I suspect there is some potential left in this light if there are some higher current button top cells.

EDIT: Tested with fully charged VTC5D with solder blobs and only got 9,396 lumens.

Sorry no throw measurements.

With the 4000k I got 5-10% more than my L16 which is about 76000cd. so about 80k…and as far as I can remember the UT383 is meant to be more sensitive to cooler light. This was with fully charged spot welded 30Qs from 18650.UK in case you’re wondering. Better than the ones I ordered from ecoluxshop.