Actual lumens OTF on Ultrafire 5 mode CREE XM-LT6 8 watt HD2010

Hi: Just received my UF HD2010 and was wondering what the “real” lumen OTF figure was for this 5 mode light on 18650,as I have seen 1200-1300 lumens,down to 700 on one site……maybe that’s the lumens(1200-1300) on each mode all added up?! lol! Can’t find this acual number on a search?! Thanks,Hot Brass

Assuming it has a well driven XM-L T6 (@ 3A), it should have 500-600 lumen out the front.

280 lumen at 700 mA for the T6
320% increase in output from 700 mA - 3A (Cree’s spec sheet)
Assuming 66% light loss

280 * 3.2 * .66 = 591 lumen
Then I truncated to the nearest 100, and also rounded up to the nearest 100 to account for some variations in drive current and reflector efficiency.

Thanks! Hot Brass

I can test for you rightnow and give you a true number. Gunner12's numbers are extremely conservative. My IS is calibrated against ANSI tested lights.

JMac, can you take reading for both 18650 & 26650? Just curious if there is any difference.

Well, I just did and here is what I found with this session. The Flame is fully charged and the others have a few minutes use on them.

TrustFire Flame 2400mAh protected 18650: 663 OTF

Panasonic unprotected 18650: 779 OTF

King Kong 26650: 808 OTF

Interesting. Thanks, JohnnyMac. I'm running mine on the Kongs. This light kicks ass and continues to amaze... Cool