Actual use of my flashlights

I’ve been building a snowfort with a friend in a snowbank, and after 10 or 15 feet in, it’s pitch black, even in daytime. So I’ve been using my Sipik and 7g5 to light the way. It’s the longest legitimate use for my flashlights I’ve had. In the past two days, I’ve gone through 7 or 8 rechargeable aa’s for the sipik and 2 battery charges for the 7g5.

Unfortunately I got taken out of it by my worrisome mom a little bit ago (isn’t that what they are for?). Wierd thing about that snow, it’s terrible for sound. But it does get very hot, it’s 20 out and the snows melting in there. And we have our jackets off. (which is good because it freezes over night and becomes even more rockhard!)

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Anyone have any experience for building forts inside a snowbank? Structural tips would be welcome. Main thing we’ve been keeping in mind is to not go wider than it is tall, and we’ve moved more to the side of the bank where there’s only 3 or 4 feet of snow above the tunnel. We also have the ceilings as slight arches.

Anyone have any legitimate uses for their flashlights, apart from dog walking?

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lol that brings me back… cant say i have any tips for it, but i used to do it all the time as a kid

That’s pretty cool.
Any pics ?

Unfortunately not, I was gonna get some up when I finished it after this winter break. We’ll probably work on it till next weds, so pics on thursday if I remember.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Yeah, some pics would be great too.


I remember making snow caves and igloos growing up in Northern Ohio, but it's been a while. As far as 'real' uses for flashlights: all the time when I'm cycling at night.

I'm so jealous of all the snow you're getting. Where I am the most I've ever gotten is 2 feet or so, so the most I ever made was little burrow into a 5 foot tall pile. (It had been piled there by the snow plow) Either way, Good Luck!

Ahhh, I miss the ol’ snow fort days. Have fun!

I have never seen snow but when I was a kid we dug a pit about 1.5 meters deep and about 3 meters square, then we put thick planks of wood over the top covered by a thick plastic sheet and then covered it with dirt and rocks.

It took about a week to make it but we only did a few hours a day, I could imagine it would be a lot easier with snow unless it has turned to ice. I would recommend doing it that way with boards if you have access to any so it cant collapse on top of you.

Perhaps if you feel like it some kind of plastic or perspex window on top to let day light in?

I can’t give any real structural advice as I haven’t got my degree in building snow bunkers, but look around on the net for some safety advice and tips. Even though its only 4 foot of snow above if it caves in and the sides give you could end up under 7 foot of snow, not to mention the extra snow building up every day.

Ezarc, you've never seen snow? I wonder whether we could mail you some. :P

Probably just easier and cheaper to mail a plane ticket. :smiley:

If you’re going to be building a snow fort remember; do not to make it near roads(snow plows can cave you in), always have at least two ways out, try not to have too much snow above your head(weight and pressure work great for igloos but not snow caves), if and when you go inside make sure someone knows you’re in there, if a collapse does happen make yourself big(deep breath this will create room and relieve pressure off your chest so you can breath).

Your best bet is to have the entrance near the top and hollow out rooms and caves as you go down, that way if it does collapse there’s less snow above you.

Just a few things I picked up as a kid. Be safe and have fun.

Wow, that brings back a lot of great memories! Best advice I can give is to soak it with water over night so it freezes hard. Much stronger as ice than snow. ;)

I completely forgot that we used to do that.

I once spent hours packing down and watering down a snow bank into a bicycle jump. Hours. Next day I went at it from the top of the hill, must have been going a good 25mph. Hit it and… My front tire sunk in and stayed there. I kept going. Slammed both my knees on the handle bars. My friends laughed so hard at me. It was fun hahaha. Too much green stuff in my teens I guess :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for the tips Bush!