Adapting 20mm driver pill to 17mm

So, where can i buy some p60 pills then?

Nice one johnny, Iโ€™m planning on fitting my m10 driver in my uf-v3, but I might do this and throw a 3a driver in instead.

I have a bag full of empty P60 pills. PM me if you want some.

Great, thanks!

I get mine from CNQG for 50ยข/piece in a 5-pack.

Easing the edge of the brass pill might allow it to press in without scraping burrs of Alu. Tighter fit with less pressure needed.

the burs were only around the wire holes in the back of the emitter plate in the pill. They need to be removed for the face of the brass pill to sit flush against the emitter base of the aluminum pill. Both brass pill and inside walls of aluminum pill need to have material removed for them to fit together. It is extremely tight and had to be hammered in. ;)

ha, I like that, a bit of hardcore rough hobbying!

Mine :wink: KEYGOS M10 26650 FLASHLIGHT-Quick and dirty review

Great simple mod, thanks Johnny!

Nice job JM. Thanks for posting the information.

I put in a nearly full P60 pill in the MXDL SA-16 today at work. This light has a pretty long spring so i though that is I moved the driver out a little then used a short spring it would be the same.

I used the belt sander at work and removed alot of the threads till it was close and used the press to push it in the pill section of the MXDL. Then heated both of them and flowed some solder in the gap so that I would know there would be a decent contact between aluminum and the brass.

Heres a few pics.

sorry pics were taken with Iphone

Nice job! :beer:

Thanks, thanks for the idea!

Good simple fix JM. Thanks for posting it!

Thank You, Thanks You JM. This is the solution I was looking for. I have a UF-V3 and 2 friends bought them as well. Also, I know there are at least a couple of more BLF'ers that are interested in having someone do this type of mod - Rusty Joe, ZW99GT. Gotta order those drop-in's and a few more drivers. I'm leaning towards the KD V2 at 3.04A, may be a little too much for this light because of the poor heat mgt, but the brass P60 insert will definitely help.


Is this the same P60 -> ?

It says 26.5mm, and 5 for $3.50. I don't see anything smaller on CNQG. The specs are sparse to say the least, I assume the 26.5mm is the width, but it looks like the one you used is a smaller width?

That is the exact one. The 26mm refers to the reflector size that will attach to the threaded portion when making a full p60 drop in. You only need the part you linked to. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks, just ordered, but from FancyFlashlights - order worked out cheaper w/free shipping/tracking, of course it came to $56 by the time I was done... Had to add some more U3 1C's ($7 is a good price, I paid $8.50 at I-O, but now down to $7 also), variety of parts/holsters, along with 2 of the 5 pieces of the P60 (10 total) to have plenty of spares.

Got the order in today... Got the brass pill pressed into the UF-V3 aluminun pill (used the dremel sanding attachment to do it all). Did it slightly different, left a 2mm lip above the brass star surface, so filled the 2mm gap with Fujik grease. I wanted the driver board to be mounted further back towards the battery - original spring is long, but will use a shorter one. The final assembly has a lot more mass/weight than the original - will go with a KD V2 8*7135 + 1, total of 3.42 amps. Extra mass should definitely help. Still debating if I should put in a U3 1C or leave the original U2... Dunno if it's worth it - probably not much difference...