Advice / 1x18650 pocket thrower to gift

I’m shopping for a 1x18650 ‘pocket’ thrower for a gift for a novice flashaholic.

I’m stuck on the 1x18650 factor, as he’s not used to rechargeables - he’s still at the stage where he thinks a 2D incan Maglite is really good stuff - but he was recently dazzled by a guy who showed him a coyote about 200 yards out in the pasture with “this little bitty flashlight!”.
To refine my point, he’s an elderly fellow and I don’t want him starting off with a multi-cell light. (I’m also giving him a good charger and a pair of protected 3400 mAh 18650B’s)

So far, I’m about settled on a XinTD v4 but I’m sure open to suggestions. I’d kind of like to keep everything under about $100, but I’d also like to see a big grin on his ugly old mug when he turns it on.

P.S. the XinTD would be three modes, down & locked - no fancy UIs for this guy. He figures a Crescent wrench is too complicated.

The XinTD v4 is a great choice. Cheap and has superb build quality. Not sure what else would beat the XinTD honestly in terms of quality for the dollar.

my vote is for the v4...

The C8 style is nice and simple and a good performer. Since the ZY-T08 is said to be a good performer and has the cells in parallel which would be safer than series if you think he can handle a two-cell light.


Small Sun ZY-C10 for a single-cell zoomie?

The Small Sun ZY-T619 is one I don't own, but has always looked promising; it's a larger diameter reflector (59mm head) but still a single-cell light.

What about an HD-2010 with the 18650 sleeve?

Thanks for the confirmation & advice guys - I’m ordering the XinTD. (One for him and one for myself, naturally :bigsmile: ).

I also managed to get in on that group buy at Wallbuys last night for the Panny 18650Bs, so that helps the overall cost a bit. Thanks to whoever set that up!

I think the xintd x3 will out throw the c8 myself but cell length might be an issue, plus you’d need a sleeve.