Advice for a 'thank you' knife?

A guy online has gone out of his way and done me a nice favor. I’d like to order a knife online and send to him as a small way of saying thank you. Knife selection can be very personal so I can’t decide what to send him. Not sure if he would be into a tactical knife or a more traditional knife or what. I’ll probably default to SRM 763 or Ganzo 704 since those are popular here. The intent is a knife he can carry in his briefcase/EDC bag. Curious of input from others.

Also, I’d like to get it shipped quickly. My knives from exduct and alibaba are on a slow boat from hong kong. Who will likely ship a SRM 763 or Ganzo 704 (or whatever you recommend) quickest?

Enlan EM-01 from Fasttech is my recommendation for a budget edc-knife.

Got mine last week, sent 27/12 arrived in Sweden 5/1!

This is a nice knife for anyone. It’s old school yet still as practical as ever.

I haven’t ordered from Lazy Lizard (yet) but I’ve read nothing but good reviews of this US-based dealer. I imagine shipping would be much quicker than from overseas.

I was going to recommend this as well but saw you beat me to it. I haven’t ordered either but I hear nothing but good about his services, which are essentially free. He buys in bulk and stocks them himself. He sells them for pretty much what he pays for them plus a small shipping fee. Great guy, great service, and he does it for the love of it.

Take a look at this thread: What is your favorite large and small Chinese budget knife? What is your favorite large and small Chinese budget knife?

I like the G704, but it’s big. If the person do not like big and heavy folders, it isn’t the best choice.

In the thread, some people like the Enlan M025 as a small folder - why not this as a present?

Joben runs Lazy Lizard Gear and he carries some outstanding budget knives. The SenReMu 710 is a Serbenza look-alike that’s gotten glowing praise. The Enlan EM-01 is another sweet small folder that cuts way above its weight. Joben’s also listing a new Ganzo G725M Stockman pattern pocket knife.