advice for flashlights for sailing

Hello, need some advice for a sailor friend:
She’s looking for 2 lights, they both need to be waterproof and use either aa or aaa, no specific budget…:

1: throw: at least 250lm (she has seen and liked the m7r but wrong batteries) to see things out at sea
2: headlamp with red led, good lows and no battery in the back (xtar h1?)

Looking forward to all your advice :slight_smile:

EA8 uses 8 AA batteries, just above 800 lumens and will throw 486 meters according to the box. She’ll want to get the Neutral White version though, and I know because I go out to sea (fishing, not sailing) occasionally and having a cool white light at 800 lumens+ glaring off the water into your eyes is incredibly annoying. So getting something with a neutral white or warm white tint is probably best for her.

Just asked her about having a 8xaa torch and she said that it’s too big: she’s looking for something that in emergency she can hold for a short time with her teeth and have both hands free!

I’m trying to think of a small light with no electronic drain, but to be able to be held with teeth she’ll have to go for the single AA option. And these are kind of limited in terms of output. Don’t think any go over 250 lumens, unless she’s willing to get 14500 batteries which are basically AA sized li-ion batteries.
Personally I use a really old Trustfire R5-A3 as my edc, but I know there are way better 14500 alternatives out there.

As for the headlamp, look at scaru’s thread

If she liked LL M7R, why not get LL M7? Or M14 for bigger AA version…

For the headlight i’ll advise her on the xtar h1.

For the throw is this the best one in its category?

how about an fenix ld40, jetbeam pa40, or a fenix ld41? im not sure if any come in warm or neutral though

Having spent lots of time on open waters and also being the son-in-law of a barge pilot on the Ohio river my suggestion is to stick wih an aspheric lens light, ANY spill beam at all is a bad thing for seeing far on open water. If she wants to see that far she need a 100% focused beam, a spill beam will light up the water near her boat and the glair will make it so she can’t see much farther. Even if the light throws >250m on land she won’t see 1/2 that on open water.