Advice needed for spotlight HID conversion.

Pushed to 2km but i forgot what is the combo for ballast/bulb. Remember, this is a city skyline condition with lots of light pollution. That spot will be very visible in your runway app.

This exposure is 0.77 seconds, f2.8, ISO320.


Thanks 2100,

Since you referred to UV bleaching, I assume that your lights have plastic reflectors. Im definitely more interested in lumens than throw. Thanks for the tip. Besides, I suspect that the 100W bulbs will deliver more than enough throw for my needs. If not, I'll just buy another host and mod it for the 55W bulbs as you had suggested. Why be happy with only one HID when you can own two?

I have a small light weight Honda generator designed for camp sites. Its very quiet and comes equipped with a 10A 12V output for charging batteries. Im hopeful that it will provide enough amperage to fire the ballast for the 100W HID. Honda underrates their generators and ratings refer to maximum sustained amperes while operating in high ambient temperatures.

How far outside of Singapore do you have to travel to escape the ambient glow of the city lights? Are you a camper?

10A is ok for the ballast. The 100W sucks about 9.5A for a brief instant and drops......for the warm up.

55W is plenty of light too..... in fact 55W ballasts and bulb kits are significantly cheaper than the 100W ones. Not reason why not to play with the 55W.

There is literally nowhere in SG that you can see the milkyway with your naked eyes. Well on rare occasions you can at some remote islands some 5km from the main island, but only on rare nights with very clear conditions.

When i travel to Indonesia to my wife's small town where she was born, no problem in seeing the milkyway.

No luck here; I visited my local Tractor Supply and checked their clearance section and they didn't have any. I would like to get into the HID spotlight modifications someday; I guess not today though.

Well its official, DHL has LOST my package containing my HID stuff. All the way from China and it gets lost within 100 miles of delivery. This is my first purchase using AliExpress so lets see what kind of fiasco this will entail. come even DHL can loose a package on the last leg? It is using another courier?

I think DHL will cover that? Luckily you did not choose registered air mail.

They handed over the package to USPS for final delivery. They believe they forgot to put a delivery address label on the box before they handed it off.

Oh no! Im sure you'll get reimbursed but its probably a hassle you'd rather avoid.

I see, over here DHL does the final leg. Don't all your final leg via USPS have the DHL tracking number on the box or something? (so that you can wait and it will eventually be tracked)

Been following this thread...bummer about the fumble on the one yard line. I've done 2 transaction via Ali-express and DHL and both made it. But I've been in your shoes enough times too.

As for 100w output in a automotive style HID lamp....kinda curious how that goes. I've read about the 50w kits. I have one of the rechargeable all in one HID flashlights like the ones at tractor supply. It's bright, and works well. but my Maxabeam on the 35w setting still blows it away. On the 75w setting it drowns it out. The lights use different types of HID designs, and the automtive type has limits that the Maxabeam's short-arc tube does not have to deal with. Also, the MB's light beam is razor-sharp, whereas the flashlight is still pretty messy in comparison. But for the $$, the flashlight conversion is the way to go.

You would think that would be the case. However that was the ladies excuse from DHL that called me.

So I finally get my HID order today from DHL. (after losing the first order) It turns out the Aliexpress seller resent the wrong 100W HID kit. I ordered an H3 kit and got a H1 kit and on top of it one of the 100W bulbs was broken at the base. I also ordered a pair of 55W H3 5000k to play with and he sent me 6000k. The fiasco continues. UGH.

Oh noooooooooooooooo!!! Im sorry that you're the brunt of such gross incompetence. Hopefully they wont charge you for return shipping. Id be asking for a substantial discount for all the trouble they have caused you.