advice needed: KD driver swap on a 7xml or 9xml light

hello BLF :slight_smile:

just thought I would throw this idea out there, because i am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to all the variations of multi xml lights available.

I recently modded my trustfire tr-j12 with the kaidomain 5 mode driver with good results. I also noticed that they sell a 7xml and 9 xml version on their site… this got me thinking… if I can boost the output of the tr-j12 from 2200 otf lumens to somewhere around 4000… what could the possibilities of doing a similar mod with the 7 or 9xml driver? J)

some of the possible candidates

more xmls may not always be better i suppose… the 9xml variations around have weird looking reflectors and just leads me to wonder how much you are gaining from 7 to 9 xmls… obviously a light with this many emitters is really going to be a flood light and any throw you get from it is just going to be due to the fact of the sheer output of it

im not worried about heat too much… i use my tr-j12 on 50% mode most of the time and use 100% in bursts of 1-2minutes for a showcase really… but that being said the x100 seems to have a nice beefy looking head

I already have 3x mnke imrs so I would like to use those in whatever setup I decide to go with

also can anyone comment on the fitment of the KD driver in any of these lights? it fit in my tr-j12 with some minor grinding of the main board (removed 1-2mm of the diameter of it and it slid right in)

so i will throw this idea out to you now… any thoughts? am I retarded for trying this? lol.

Here's one way to mod 7 x XM-L. It's not a direct replacement.

Stock J12 vs. Modded 7 x XM-L (mouse over for modded one)

cool! im really thinking about that skyray but i need to confirm if the driver will fit

looks like its 26mm

I have the UniqueFire UF-S7 and would like to try replacing the driver at some point in the future. I’ll need to invest in some 26650 cells first though, since I’m currently running it off of 18650s… Although, it is currently bright enough for my intended use. I wanted a very floody and bright light, and this definitely fits the bill. I don’t recall the tailcap current on the factory driver, but it’s currently conservatively driven which helps with runtime on the lower capacity cells.