Advice on first China folders order from Exduct or other

Thinking of ordering these and sincerely appreciate your advice. Have never ordered Chinese folders before:


SRM T21 Rescue knife (new version of T01)
SRM T2101 – includes new T21 and older version T01 with aluminum handle + free knife tool set
SRM GB-763 with G10
SRM B710
SRM 704 – longer handle then 710, tip up or down carry


Bee L05 FFG – blade length 87mm (3.43 in.), Handle 11 cm, Weight: 0.1450 kg,…

Enlan EL04 – like Ritter Griptilian – blade length 87mm (3.43 in.), Weight: 0.1600 kg…

Enlan EL-02A with Micarta, Blade length: 105 mm, Weight: 0.1800 kg…

Enlan EL-02B with G10 and stonewashed blade – read that it’s thinner than EL-02A – blade 105 mm (4.13 in.) Weight: 0.1800 kg…

Enlan EL01A, Weight: 0.1850 kg…

Navy K631 with FFG, thumb hole, like Spyderco – blade 3 ¾ in., Weight: 0.1850 kg…


1) Which knife tool set from Exduct or another supplier will be able to adjust all these models?

2) Which cylindrical sharpener do you use on your Chinese knives with recurve blades like the T21?

3) Can dark pocket clips be purchased from Exduct or another supplier to replace some of the silver clips on some of these handles?

4) Read somewhere that the Navy K631 ships very (dangerously) tight – is this true? Is it easy to loosen up?

5) In what order would you place these larger knives in terms of pocketability: Navy K631, Enlan EL01A and Enlan EL-02B? For those that have tried them, which do you prefer? Asking because weight is not the whole story – thickness and shape matter too.

6) Which feels more pocketable of these medium knives, Bee L05 and Enlan EL04? For those who have tried both, which do you prefer and why? Asking because weight is not the whole story – thickness and shape matter too.

7) Which is better for EDC, Enland E02B or Bee L05?

Read another forum post that said shipping now from Exduct over Hong Kong or China Post could be massively delayed because of the holiday season. True or not? Exduct claimed last week that shipping to California, USA would only take 2-3 weeks.

Note that I prefer tip up carry, but realize some of the above are tip down.

There’s a lot of questions here. I’ll try to help with a few.

I don’t know of a tool set at Exduct that will necessarily work on all knives sold there. The screws used on most of these knives aren’t necessarily of the highest quality and sometimes strip out.

I’ve found a set of tools that works with some of the fasteners but to me this is the weakest link in these knives so I rarely take them apart other than to remove the clips (which I don’t use).

I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to be able to get black replacement clips from Exduct for silver clips.

Most of those knives listed are decent however. Regarding what is pocket friendly…that depends on your pockets :slight_smile: but the L05 is a little smaller and lighter in weight than the EL02B.

The EL-01 (in its various models) is regarded by most as the best of the Enlan/SRM knives I would say. I have the EL-01D and it’s very well made.

Most seem to like the SRM 710 as well.

Most of these knives that are a little tight (pivot) are easy to loosen up a bit if necessary as long as you have the proper tool.

Exduct does sell both the 3 pin and the 3 tang pivot adjusting tools as a set. For the rest a good set of Torx drivers will work. As GC said, the small fasteners aren’t high quality and can strip easily. I’m still working on sourcing top quality replacement fasteners, there are a number of knife DIY sites [] that stock ASTM thread fasteners but not metric.

I carry both the L-05 and the EL-01 regularly, plus a L-06 for work. The L series knives are a nice EDC size. The EL-01 is about 25% larger and heavier but I use it all the time. The tip-up clip and flipper tab mean you can withdraw it and open it in one motion.

All three knives I ordered from Joben [Lazy Lizard Gear] came wicked sharp and only took a bit of time to lube and work the pivots till each opened easily, no adjustment necessary.

I have not seen any black replacement clips.

Wow, for the money you’re going to spend on all of those, get a Spyderco Gayle Bradley, or ZT 0561. You will be much happier.

How many Sanrenmu or Enlans do you own? Have you owned any of the knives he asked about? Are you speaking from experience or just assume because they don’t cost a lot that they must not be very good?

Lots of questions but I think I can help. I own or have owned at least of each of the knives in your post. Some I liked so much that I bought multiples.

They are all good knives with one exception. The Enlan EL-02 that I owned was not good. The Axis lock was so tight it hurt your fingers to try to use. The blade had lots of vertical play as well. I consider it junk and not worth buying. A much better axis lock knife is the Ganzo 710. It is my favorite Chinese Axis lock by a large margin. It’s a great knife and should be on your list.

The SRM T-01 is an amazingly high quality little knife with a great little deep hollow ground combo edge. It is built like a $100 knife. I wouldn’t bother with the T21, it feels cheaper and is not as smooth. It is a bit larger and lighter and isn’t bad but the T01 is a little gem.

My Navy K-631 was not too tight, it was fine. It is also the easiest to pocket carry of the ones you asked about because of the shape and how thin it is.

I just realized I don’t own a Enlan EL-04 so can’t speak to it. I do own a Enlan EL-05 and I am constantly pleased with it as an EDC. It has one of the all time great blades. Nice size and width with a full flat grind. It is probably one of the most useful knives from chinese makers. It’s not tactical but it works better than almost all others. The only downside is the liner is a bit thin and the handle is too fat right were your thumb needs to go to unlock it. I had to remove some of the wood and metal to make it easier to unlock the liner.

The SRM 704 is basically the exact same size as the 710, the blade and handle are the same length. I actually didn’t even realize it was tip up tip down reversible. I just looked at it and saw the holes! That’s cool, I learned something about a knife I carry from time to time.

M4 steel, or Elmax is going to hold an edge way better than 8crmov, or even 440c. Also, it’s from experience. If I count up all of the mediocre knives I own, I could of just bought a super quality folder and have been much more happier in the long run. I’ve since learned from that mistake.

I still however enjoy using such knives as my Kershaw Skyline 14c28n Steel, Blur, etc…

I own a lot more Chinese knives than the ones you asked about so I thought I would give you a list of the knives I consider to be the better ones. You picked many of my favs.

In no particular order

1. SRM 704. It’s a light and small EDC akin to something like a Spyderco Delica.

2. SRM T-01. The quality is very high. Great little blade, wish this blade was alone on a small pocket knife with no extra tools.

3. Navy K-631, it’s a mix between a Spyderco G-10 Police and a Byrd Cara-Cara

4. Enlan 01. It’s not my favorite but it is a great knife. A waved version would be great.

5. Navy K-607. I owned the original Spyderco Lil’ Temp that this is a clone of and my Navy is better than my Spyderco. Fit and finish are better. It’s a must have knife.

6. Ganzo 710. It’s so freaking smooth you will never buy an Enlan axis lock after trying the Ganzo 710. Worlds apart in terms of quality. Enlan can’t build an Axis lock from what I have seen. Ganzo has it down. My other Ganzo is also a good axis lock.

7. SRM 710. In silver not black. Same knife but silver looks great and black looks like crap. It’s a must have if you are going to buy any Chinese knives, you have to get one of these.

8. SRM 938. A rare Warncliff in full flat grind. Kind of heavy but makes a great food prep knife or box knife. Take it on a picnic.



How many Sanrenmu, Navy, Bee or Enlans do you own? Which models?

Also, this is a budget forum so bang for the buck rules here. I have been a knife lover and collector for over 25 years since I was 12 or so. I have come full circle from cheap K-Mart knives to better knives from Buck and Case (dating myself) on up to Spyderco and Benchamde. Eventually I got into high dollar customs of all sorts. $800 knives were nothing shocking for me.

After all those years and hundreds if not thousands of knives, I can speak from experience that there are some great Chinese budget knives that punch well above their weight in terms of quality for money.

I’m sure a $150 knife from Spyderco is going to have better steel than an $8 knife from Sanrenmu or Enlan but it’s not 20 times better! Also, Spyderco and other makers are using super steels that the average person has ZERO need of. And better might mean harder and more difficult to sharpen. Even the cheap knives use good steel now. It’s not like 20 years ago when you had to buy a good name brand to get a steel that would work. Even a $8 knife now comes with steel thatnwould have been amazing back in the 1990s.

I own my Spydercos and Benchmades and use them but it is great fun to have more than one knife. The budget knives allow people to try out different designs and blade shapes and really get to know knives without spending the big bucks.

Speedsix, if the op was going to purchase one, or two of these knives, I’d say go for it. But seriously; Add up the dollars spent, and you could have a high end knife that wouldn’t certainly surpass any of these budget chinese offerings. They’re not going to be harder to sharpen, provided you know how to sharpen a knife. But to each their own. I’m simply stating my opinion.

I think buying multiple Chinese blades is still a valid approach, if you want to have different sizes/blade shapes/functionality, probably even more than buying just a single knife... because then those price differences really add up to a substantial amount of money.

@ Speed6 - “2. SRM T-01. The quality is very high. Great little blade, wish this blade was alone on a small pocket knife with no extra tools. ” Have you tried out the trusty SRM 763? They have similar blade profiles and that high hollow grind, minus the combo edge. The G10 763 is super light with a deep carry clip, and it’s axis lock is well implemented in my samples. I also like the one on my Ganzo 710. For the lack of combo edge, I often leave a coarser sharpening level on the blade near the handle for some bite and do fine treatments to the belly and tip of the blade for those tasks needing it.

Sorry to be OT lightranger. I think you’ll like most any/all of those knives. All my knives will cut, but it’s fun to have variations on them. The beauty of a cheap EDC blade is you’ll actually use it, and not fear the cost.

It’s right, most of SanRenMu, Ganzo, Enlan and Navy knives have a very good fit and finish for the price, but concerning the steel quality (how long they will hold a cutting edge), there are no miracles, you have the steel quality you paid for.
The price for a Ganzo G-704 is 15.43$ with a 440 (steel) engraved on the blade tang, but for 1$ more you can have “440C” engraved on the blade instead of “440”. You will not get a 440C steel blade just for one dollar more, but only one letter more.

Chinese knifemakers know that customers tend to trust what it is mentionned on a blade. If they read 440C on the blade of every Navy knife, most customers will think that they will really purchase a knife with 440C steel. Some sort of fool’s deal.
Compare a Böker knife with a 440C steel blade with any other Navy knife, you will not decently conclude that these two different steels are the same quality. If Navy knife are really made with 440C steel, they are very badly heat treated.

These knife are nice for the price, but concerning the steel quality, you will not have more than you will pay for.

It is the same with over-rated lumens flashlights on many Chinese sellers websites. The main goal is to sell, not to tell the truth about the products they sell.

For the double of the price of a Navy knife, you can buy a Spyderco Byrd that keeps a cutting edge 2 times longer.

I don’t have one but one of the best bang for the bucks is probably a Buck Vantage Pro with S30V steel blade.

If you can afford it, I strongly recommend a Delica 4 (ZDP-189 (amazing) steel) or a Kershaw Speedform (Elmax steel)

Hbomb. Of course, the 763 is a favorite of many. I have a few of the G-10 version and also some of the aluminum handled versions.

It’s a good little knife but it doesn’t have the combo blade like the T-01 nor is it as deeply hollow ground. It also has more of an upswept tip instead of the drop point the T-01 has. There are minor differences in the blades and I find the T-01 blade to be better for most tasks.

My favorites ae the Enlan EL01 , SRM 763 , Bee L05-1 , Navy 631 .

Weekday carry - SRM 763

Weekend carry - Enlan EL01

Yeah, I assume 440c is really 8crv. Just like the budget lights, you don’t get what they claim but also just like budget lights you can get a lot for your money if you buy the right ones. The best budget knives are like the best budget lights in that you can get more than you pay for on some models.

Take the Solarforce L2P compared to the Surefire 6P. The Solarforce is 99% of the light the Surefire is at 1/4 th the cost. Same for many of the good knives like the Sanrenmu 710 or Enlan EL-01. They cost less than $10 but they compare well to knives costing $30-40

Im with you speedsix. I, too, have spent thousands of dollars through the years on knives.

Good ones are a pleasure, i have a Randall model one that i have owned for almost 40 years that still manages to astonish me every time i pick it up. That said, it was 150usd THEN, the same knife (after you get on the waiting list) is almost 700usd. At the same time the steel in even sub 20usd knives has gotten miles better.

I recently purchased a Mora Robust High Q for 18usd and after using it for the afternoon sat staring at it wondering how much i would have paid for it in 1980. Its almost unbelievable and would recommend one to anyone.

Hell spend 100bucks, get a bunch, but be warned, you will be hooked for life.

Navy K507. I really dig this knife. A perfect size for EDC. Stonewashed blade and framelock. G10 grip.