advice on modding a v10r

I am starting to use my v10r even more now I found I can reverse the pocket clip and slide it on to the front of my cap. So it’s even more versatile, I can use it as a head light or flashlight.

Only problem is I would like it to be more floody. Actually I have 2x v10r’s. One is xpg and other is xpe. Neither is floody. If you have advice (or even a link) on the best way to make it flood please post.

Swapping the LED to an XM-L/2 will make it more floody, you can try stipling the reflector or the lens with a clear coat spray paint.

Don’t the xml versions use a different reflector? Because of the larger led?

stipling the reflector is a good idea, thanks

The reflector is indeed a problem if the LED is wider than the base, not sure how wide it is.

I wouldn’t touch the reflector.
I would go for diffusers, leave the flashlight in tact.

How about DC fix diffuser film?

I sell diffuser film, a 3x3 square is $1 if your interested. It’s not textured like DC Fix is so it doesn’t trap dirt and grime like it, it’s just a flat cloudy stick on film, it also comes off clean (tested up to 6 months) if to change your mind.

Aaah, yes, diffusion film. That stuff slipped my mind, I have never used it. I guess the time has come. Cereal killer do you have the gitd stuff? Does anyone know if I can get blue gitd film?

It is not blue , but ...