advise on budget flooder SRK / J18 or?

Please advise me on a lower cost flooder to keep in the 4x4, ($55 max price) Already have a BS terminator but I’d rather not leave that in my vehicle.

Looking at the SRK vs the TF-J18. Any other suggestions?

Buying an SRK seems confusing due to so many versions, don’t want to end up with a bad one.

I like that J18 doesn’t require 4 batteries (runs on 2 or 3 right?)
(I’ve already been using 26650’s and have a charger for my HD2100)

Also considering TrustFire TR-3T6 the price is great but SRK only $5 more at FT (although the 3T6 uses one less battery so cost will be at least $15 less when that is taken into consideration)

Also anyone have any input on the SRK tints? CNQG shows NW available, but fasttech shows only cool or warm. I prefer NW over CW. I read somewhere on here the J18’s tint is somewhat closer to neutral.

Please include where to buy with suggestions if possible.

Thanks in advance for all replies, info and suggestions.

SRK is a nice flood light, the problem is you can’t use it on HIGH for very long period. it gets too hot to be comfortable to handle.
on the other hand TR-3T6 is so-so, my suggestion is save up a little bit more and get TR-J18, their price is kept on going down now.
especially if you change the driver on TR-J18 with KD’s driver, it’ll definitely will bring big WOW to everyone around you as it goes for over 5000 lumens, for about $80 :smiley:

I like the J12 because I can get full brightness on Nimh C cells :wink:

Edit; does good on two 26650’s too :slight_smile:

Or you could simply loosen the tailcap about a half inch before you put it in the glove box.

I would buy a Sky Ray King form Fast tech. Even the “bad” ones are great. Buy one of the Fandy Fire ones and you will get a good one for sure. I haven’t heard of anyone getting a bad one. I have three different flooders. A 3T6 and Fandy Fire SRK and a unique fire 6T6. Best bang for the buck is the SRK. The most useable is the 3T6. Unless you want to change the driver I wouldn’t even consider the J18 many people have had problems with it.

The thing about the SRK is that it’s not only a super bright flooder it has some throw as well.

Hi, i would suggest TF 3T6, nice and cheap, plenty of Light, you can run it on 2 Cells if you want, due to the smaller size Tube it will slip in nicely between the Seat and a Console out of sight. It also has the ability to be used for Defence with it’s Plunger Design. Good run time, just not sure how Lithiums go being left in hot Cars for long periods of time.

Thanks for your reply, could you please explain why 3T6 is the most useable?

Where did you buy your SRK?

Hmmm this is very interesting. Are you saying the J12 is as bright on NiMH as on Li-ion 26650? What brand/type of NiMH are you using?

I remember looking for C size eneloops once and all I could find was adaptor tubes for AA size, but then you only have the capacity of AA.

Thanks for your input, I was leaning toward this one for those same reasons.


Anyone know if this would be a problem?

Thanks for the reply and links. Did you have to do something to your FF SRK to get 5.25A?
I was looking at those batteries too, great price on them, (they are long, the same length as my XTAR 18700 2600’s)
I was looking at both of those SRK’s and noticed the 2000LM vs the 2500LM, looking forward to that comparison.
Yes, thanks, I have many items in FT cart with BLF code already $) $)

Well the 3T6 has a real low mode and it’s much nicer to carry. It’s comfortable in your hand and it doesn’t heat up so fast. If you want to go for a long walk the 3T6 is just a much nicer choice. If you just want to light up your backyard then the SRK is the deal. It does put out a lot more light than the 3T6. So long walks 3T6 short walks or just checking outside to see if there are any critters around then it’s SRK all the way. I like them both though. It’s funny but I have had them both up for sale at one time or another and removed both of them before they sold. I have a BTU shocker now and it kicks them both in the teeth.

I guess if you were interested I would sell either of them for $50 delivered with 8 sanyo 2200mah tossed in. $75 for both plus batteries. (then you could try them both and see for yourself which one you like better) :wink:

Thanks for the info, It’s a possibility that I may end up getting both, all of the talk on BLF about the SRK makes me somewhat curious to get one, but being I already have the BS Terminator and many other lights on the want list I would need a fairly good reason to get an SRK. I have to check the specs and see how much smaller it is than the Terminator.

The two lights new from FT would cost $67.00 so the value would be getting the 8 batteries for $1 each. I take it those are unprotected? I only saw these (2250mAh) on FT ($4.42 ea. when you buy a 2pk.)

The cost of both is near that of a J18 and driver, and from what I can tell it’s only solder two wires on to install it. But that’s kind of over the limit of what I want to spend on a light that will always stay in my vehicle.

Yep unprotected Sanyo’s It’s not really a super deal unless you really had your heart set on buying both and you really needed the batteries. I have the batteries for sale cheap anyway in the classified section. 10 for $20 delivered.

Think I’m gonna go with the TR-3T6 ($31.59 after discount from Fasttech) Hopefully it will be a lot better than what I keep in there now, a Life Gear 360Lm triple P4 It was the Shiznit back in 2009! 8)

Cool I think you will like it and it should put out a lot more light.

I wonder what the old one would be like modded? Is it possible to get it apart? Trade?

From what I remember it does come apart, You can definitely get to the LED’s through the reflector, but I’ve never went any further in. I’ll check it out and try and post some pics, yeah I’d trade.

The one I have is still being sold here, here and here and there’s this old CPF thread They also have a new 400Lm model 3-C cell.

Hows that, you not only find the light that you need, you find a home for your old one. Is this Forum Great or what.

Yes it is a great place, love it and having fun here :slight_smile: