After 4+ Weeks Waiting for Sipik SK68, Meritline Says My Shipment Was Lost

So, I ordered the one mode Sipik SK68 from Meritline 31 days ago.

After it did not arrive today, I finally called Meritline to inquire as to whether I should keep waiting or get a credit/chargeback.

They immediately tell me that if I haven’t it received it yet, it’s almost certainly a “lost shipment,” and they would recommend a credit to my card.

OK. At that point, what choice do I have?

It’s good that they were honest about everything, and I actually don’t fault them too much, given that the light was being shipped by a very slow method from either China or HK to the states, but I see room for improvement in their shipping methodology, nonetheless.

This is not a hate-on-meritline type rant. They did the right thing.

I’m just somewhat disappointed, nonetheless.

I didn’t feel like placing another order for the same light right away as I’m sick of waiting as it is.

Sounds like good service to me, either reship or a refund no questions asked.

I think your package will arrive eventually though.

Where are you located? If you’re in the USA then just buy from this ebay seller: cenn2010

I received mine in about 4 days and it’s just as advertised. Mine is a 1-mode UltraFire.