Alibaba Face Off With Chinese Regulator Over Fake Products

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hackingbear writes China’s State Administration of Industry and Commerce on Wednesday issued a scathing report against one of the country’s biggest stars, accusing e-commerce giant Alibaba of failing to do enough to prevent fake goods from being sold on its websites. SAIC said Alibaba allowed “illegal advertising” that misled consumers with false claims about low prices and other details. It claims some Alibaba employees took bribes and the company failed to deal effectively with fraud. Alibaba fired back with charges of bias and misconduct by accusing the SAIC official in charge of Internet monitoring, Liu Hongliang, of unspecified “procedural misconduct” and warned it will file a formal complaint. Such public defiance is almost unheard of in China. Apparently, Alibaba has long attained the too big to fail status.

But the seller told me to trust him and that they were real authentic NiteCorn chargers.

I.I.R.C. Alibaba recently conducted one of the world’s biggest I.P.O.
So there’s that… gotta do anything it takes to reassure the shareholders and avoid sinking in the stock market.

Alibaba is trustworthy, but not some bad sellers on it.

A seller is responsible for his own action, Alibaba cannot possibly regulate each and every sale as there are millions of those, what they can do is ban those pesky sellers once they are reported selling fake goods, One way is to read feedback comments, I never purchase anything from a seller if he has less than 1-3 diamonds in ratings (idk what else to call that) , the feedback from recent buyers also helps.

But alibaba is not doing that. Might cut into their profits. Hence they are responsible for inaction.

just like ebay.turn a blind eye to fakes and misrepresented product.the crap sellers pay lots of fees.

Other than alibaba ebay is selling fake items as well!

” Jack Ma loses $1.4 billion in a day”:Jack Ma loses $1.4 billion in a day

Wait…what, is China actually worried about copying and selling copied products? (ooooh internally aka infighting amongst actually manufacturers who go ther designs from somewhere else and dudes who swiped THEIR designs and stuff) Next thing you know they will have an EPA and OSHA over there snicker

First annual draft report is out already:

It’s about time. They’ll never understand what we mean by “moonlight” until they can see further than a hundred meters through their air.

China is too large to regulate everyone. Alibaba is too large to regulate every seller, not mentioning having to check whether the products are fake or authentic. Ebay, the same, there are just too many sellers.

Much like there are so many threads on BLF that probably no one reads through all the posts :stuck_out_tongue:

What we can do: stop buying goods that are too cheap to be true. Don’t support the sales of the fakes.

Thank God for paypals dispute process…now extended to 6 months

I like the idea of an extended window, but in practice, I think this means more scamming buyers, thus a combination of fewer good ebay sellers and higher prices.

nice photo :slight_smile:

My inner nerd is always imagining that this is what the Chinese merchants that I buy my flashlights and parts from looks like.

“10,000 Lumen!”

Yes, take that gold dust, it doesn’t have to be a total loss, i hear there are some primitive cultures that consider it to be quite valuable.
I always think chinese merchants think if they believe it then customers also will

I think your picture is broken

I thought I was almost cynical enough, but this gobsmacked me:

Fake rice.

Value and keep the genuine things we have from the past, as in a few years genuine real items will nearly be completely replaced with fake knockoffs.

I love pork fried rice.