AliExpress and DanceLite 21700 tube light... Osram KW CSLMN1

Has anyone here played with this light at all? I love tube lights, and found this:

21700 tube light

I am considering ordering one of them to try out, but if someone has found them to be junk… I will not bother.

They also make it with the XHP50 and SST-20. In it’s basic form, it does not look that impressive, appears to have an aluminum star and I suspect the driver is pretty tame.

Note: it’s CSLNM1 not CSLMN1.

2.8A is very tame. OP reflector is less than ideal for this LED.

Oops, typo that is an odd long name. I am sure the letters all mean something but I have not figured out their naming scheme yet, heck do not even own any of their LEDs yet. My read also indicated that the driver is nothing special, but I am after the form factor, a 21700 tube light that would greatly increase runtimes on a non-hotrod light. I think I am going to order one, just to disassemble and build… you know take one for the team! :slight_smile:

These and MantaRay are just clones of Convoys lights AFAIK, solid design but you can get an S21 from Simon and have a true guarantee of quality IMHO.