Aliexpress current sales--too lazy to look :)

so, i see aliexpress is having a sale or something right now 08/27 or so

is there anything light or watch-related i should know about?

i don;t feel like combing their exhausting annoying site for stuff

so, you do the work :slight_smile:


I couldn’t find any real deals, especially not light related.

are they even worth taking note though? I was eyeing some car battery trickle charger that cost $18 in my wishlists and they were in shocking sale

Still $18

Shocking sale ended. Time to be sad
Still $18

yeah that was what i expected :frowning:


I need quite a few bits, iphone stuff, cables, screws, tools… they went down by a few cents, that was it. Not even 5% on some items.

Well, Sofirn has discounted lights, Lumintop has discounted lights! Tool AA for ~12€ (lower than Tool AAA, and instead of 16€).
Sofirn IF25a at 19€ (nstead of 23).

I bought a tripod and other pieces and saved ~10€ from the non-discounted prices.

Eagtac has the D25C at 41€ (instead of +47€)… and has a buy one G3L get a D25C2 Mini for free.

It is a matter of searching what you want/like.

I have discound for Acebeam flashlights…