Aliexpress: receiving orders i did not make, need help contacting CS

Hi all,

Since about ten days i find in my letter box very small packets from China, supposedly from AE, with stuff i did not order. Some days i get three of them and so far i have a dozen. There are yellow, gray and white ones. Apparently they originate from different sellers. Some come from Malaysia.

The labeling does not say clearly where they come from but sometime i can spot something that looks like a seller code (long string of numbers like 90000006829588) and order numbers (LP00151683659764 for instance).

Custom declaration states things like: sponge, cable sleeves, sticker decals, led bulb (tiny), paper flower ball, nail sticker… I’m not opening them anymore, just storing them, but it looks like cheap stuff for kids most of the time.

Although it may seem inconsequential, i’m worried that:

1. Some people are not receiving the orders they paid for
2. What if there is something illegal in one of those packet with my name on it?
3 And most important, my personal data is being used without my consent. What else is being used that i don’t know about?

I’m trying to contact AE customer service but i’m struggling with forms that need a product url or a reference to one of my orders…etc.
Is there a simple way to send them an email?


It sounds like a common scam. People order items from their own store under a fake name & address, so that they receive a shipping number and they can then give themselves feedback for far more expensive goods in their store.

This article mentions Amazon, but I guess the same thing happens with other marketplaces too.

Amazon Scam Warning: Beware of Deliveries You Didn’t Order

I understand your concern, but so long as you aren’t being defrauded in any way…

I too have recently struggled to navigate the AliExpress labyrinthine contact system. I payed for something with PayPal, got a screen saying that there was a problem, changed the payment to bank card then discovered that payment was taken from both. I cannot make AliExpress understand the problem and they have closed the dispute.
It is impossible as far as I can see to just contact someone who will deal with a specific problem. I have therefore contacted PayPal.
Good luck with your problem and if you get a specific AE contact method I think that a lot of people out here would be grateful. Wouldn’t it be nice if somebody from AE was actually a forum member.

Don’t know if this has been mentioned before but here in NL another scam is going on.
The doorbell rings and a friendly parcelman says: this is a parcel for you, would you please sign here.
A bit later the doorbell rings again and two less friendly looking guys say there has been a mixup.
So sorry, but we are told to take the parcel with us, because you are not the intended buyer after all.

A few days later you get a bill for the iPhone you received, and signed for. Of course you did not order it.
You were only an address to send it to. The first parcelman was not in on it. He only performed his regular job.
The two other guys lust had to monitor the T&T of their order and went straight to your house upon delivery.

Get a door camera to stop that above scam, from aliexpress of course :wink:

Thanks for mentioning this trend i did not know about. Not sure i understand why the sellers would actually send the goods to an actual real client and not to someone they know…

One thing i’m considering is to bring back all those parcels to the post office and tell them to send them back. That wouldn’t prevent more to come in and my personal data to be used without my control though.

Still looking for a way to contact AE… assuming it comes from them.