Aliexpress RED coupons

Post here if you know how to get Red Aliexpress coupons.

I’ll start.

In the mobile app, change the language to Russian and go to my Account. You will see a red 3$ off 20$ coupon.

Another one that most probably know is the new user coupon: 3$ off 4$. But it’s only for new users.

And there’s another for welcome back, 2$ off 3$, but I don’t know the exact steps to get it. I only got it once. I think you have to not log in for a month.

What are RED coupons?
They are real discounts provided by Ali and not the sellers. They can be applied to any order with any products, and can be combined with seller coupons.

I managed to get a welcome back coupon when frequently visiting the following link:\_\_pc/userloss_pc.htm

No guarantee that this will work all the time, I got two within one week and none after that!
It helps if you don’t log in for a few days/weeks after that. The coupon is for an order value of the coupon PLUS 1 cent (you need that cent to pay for the order).

ps: I do not use the app any longer.

Thank you!! Just got one coupon doing the russian trick!

moar red coupons\_\_mobile/828_coupon_center_m.htm
valid from 26th

another one here: DE.AliExpress | aliexpress german - Kaufen Sie günstig qualitativ hochwertige Produkte aus China. - AliExpress
3$ off 20
you need to change shipping location to Russia first

Any chance to get one or two for Mateminco E01?

there aren’t any promotions anymore atm. All the prev coupons expired.
But if you don’t have an account yet on Ali then I could invite you, and you will get 3 red coupons for 5$ off 35$ each.
Use this link to sign up AliExpress beitreten

Thx but i’m already signed in. Thought somebody have some discount info.

There will be another round of coupons a week before 11 november