Aliexpress stats

What’s your Aliexpress stats?

Mine is:
3985 orders across many accounts,
3314 received
452 in transit
219 lost/cancelled/not shipped… around 5-6%
158 refunded…around 90% because I did not ask for refund on all 219

Around $35k total value but much less actually paid because of coupons

11 purchases for $313.33
11 received
0 returns
0 canceled orders
0 lost coupons
No problems except long wait for delivery to US.

Where do you find these stats?

Idk, I keep a google shit with the orders so that I can track.
And the stats are generated by some formulas

I have 43 orders.

I've had problems with a few orders, but they always worked eventually.

(I've never been ripped off on AliExpress.)

Don’t keep stats. I’m a low volume buyer but batting 1000 so far. KOW

Only 1 order that did not work out. Refunded quickly. Only about a dozen…… so far.