AliExpress Summer Sale June 15th to June 24th, 2020 - Whatcha getting?

I hear it's going to be a big sale.

I'm going to get a KZ ZSX and some related accessories.

What are you getting?

probably nothing

i find their sales to be a waste of time

it feels like a bunch of junk they need to get out of the warehouse, or they bought a ton of very cheaply

I'm not expecting much of a discount, but I do want that IEM, so we'll see if I can find a deal.

whatsan IEM?

Probably nothing since the stuff I bought in April isn’t here.

IEM stands for In-Ear-Monitor.

They're similar to earbuds, but bigger.

Knowledge Zenith, or KZ, is a popular Chinese manufacturer that offers good bang for your buck IEMs.

99% of it is ‘fashion tights’

wholesale 3d mink false eyelashes fluffy wispy fake lashes natural long makeup lash extension in bulk
US $17.49

and this
16mm O/D Seamless Steel Pipe Hydraulic Alloy Precision Steel Tubes Seamless Steel Pipe Explosion-proof Tubeprint black

Ooh, I could use some fashion tights…

The sale will start at 12AM PST on June 15th, 2020.

The KZ ZSX is going to be about $33, without coupons, so not that impressive.

I bought a set of QKZ DM7 they are great.

At the same time i got a pair of QKZ CK8 these are dual driver earphones. The DM7 sound better to me i like the extra bass.

Both earphones are big but the design of the CK8 being duel 10+ 8mm drivers makes them to long for me. They tend to sit to far out compared to the DM7. I have a set of kd7 and they are smaller and more comfy for me still a dual driver but smaller i guess just checked 8mm drivers.

I own 4 different pairs of QKZ earphones now.

Looking for a few flashlights, but not seeing any great deals. If you are used to groupbuys, coupons and blf discounts AliExpress sales won’t help, I guess.

Yeah, but they are only available for two-legged persons.

How many legs do you think Lightbringer has?

i also suspect that these sales are just ‘data gathering’.

example, you search for ZRZ-1 light, an RTY-3 smart watch, and some 18650 cells

next time you are on google, or amazon, or some unrelated site - over on the right is what?
ZRZ-1 light,
an RTY-3 smart watch,
and some 18650 cells

now they know what you are interested in-
-they can sell that info, or just use it directly, later, to sell you the stuff later

(actually any time you use any site, they could be doing that… )