Aliexpress - what is polite?

So, I haven’t received a $3 item from a seller on Ali, it’s been over 2 months now. Chatted with the seller and he’s agreed to resend the item if it doesn’t arrive in “a few more days”. But purchase protection ends in 4 days.

I was wondering how to go about it. If he does re-send the item with a new tracking number before end of purchase protection period, do i not have to open a dispute? Or is one necessary for an item to be re-sent?

I would open the dispute while you still can.

I think you can extend buyer protection?

Most sellers don’t bother with disputes for an item this cheap, if they said they would resend I’m sure they will, as far as I know the seller reputation is gaining importance on AE.

I wouldn’t open a dispute based on a negative “what if”… for a more expensive item maybe.

Extend purchase protection
If he does not do that open a dispute

Thanks guys!


Take a refund and re-purchase the item. It's the safest way to deal with a cheap item.


Or all of the above :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha thanks for pitching in guys. Getting the refund and re-ordering makes the most sense. I’ll do exactly that. :slight_smile: