All Sofirn flashlights from their store are gone on Amazon

The whole Sofirn store seems to have vanished.
Anyone have a clue?

:cry: ?


Chinese New Year is over isn’t it?

Maybe just a rebranding… Thorfire with Sofirn inside:

!!! What?

I was just ready to pull the trigger on an SP33.

Well, what about their presence on AX? Never mind, just looked, they’re still around.

And why have I not heard of the SP33 before? That’s a nice-looking donk!

Can’t hardly blame Sofirn for not wanting to be on Amazon anymore if that’s the case. Amazon is really tough on the sellers. They charge huge fees, huge penalties for returns, penalties for lingering inventory, and will hold your money for 30 to 60 days.

So many customers are completely ignorant when it comes to lithium ion powered flashlights, and Amazon asks no questions for returning. Reading some of the bad reviews like ” this light takes some kind of weird battery, I’m returning it“, or ”the light gets hot, returning it“, or ”you have to click it several time for it to get bright“. Couple all of that with lousy chinese to english translation in the descriptions, I bet their returns are huge.

Their Ali store seems ok

I just snatched a SP33 off Amazon a few days ago. Although I just checked and it says the item is not available. My order shows it still showing up the 7th-9th. Haven’t received a shipping conformation yet though. I shall have to wait and see I reckon.

How about, for a near-IRLED on a 20mm star, a 1-star “review” saying:

“this is not a bulb. i don’t know what it is. i’m sending it back.”

What a jackass…

Think I’m kidding?

As much as I loathe ads for 12,000lm SK68s and G700s, I really really sympathise for some of the sellers, considering all the 85s who have no idea what they’re ordering, only to slam the product and seller with low ratings and hit them with returns.

Very odd. I just bought the C8F off Amazon, right at a month ago. Maybe, they’ve just sold out of all their Amazon stock. Could be that because of CNY, there’s a delay of their regular restocking shipments to AZ’s warehouses.

Its only single emitter, ~1000 Lumens OTF so its no doubt falling under the radar in the 26650 size.

Personally I have found 1000 Lumens to be way more than enough light with 2-300 being my sweet spot.

Sofirn has a couple of great new lights that I wanted to get but I rather buy from Amazon instead of waiting for the long shipping from Ali. The C8F, C8A, and SF34 in gold looks very attractive. I wish they release the SF34 with 14xXP-L2 V6 3D neutral white. I would very gladly pay $100 for that.

AliExpress competes with Amazon and probably has better terms for the re-sellers there. But the returns are not feasible (for the average buyer not in China). So I can see a good strategy using Amazon to “kick-start” a brand, do good on promises and eventually move the buyers over to AliExpress (where returnes are not needed when honesty and good QC are established- no “wrong color” buyers too). :stuck_out_tongue:

When a buyer and seller can work direct as possible, prices stay good. But ALiExpress reviews are often hard to understand (many languages) and are generally not trustworthy. So this is why BLF is so awesome! - since the “good” sellers are known here (and part of the community in many cases). When it’s coming from China anyway— I’m happy to buy from whatever channel that re-seller chooses to sell through and Amazon is indeed VERY hard on a few sellers I know who are almost forced to sell there for the US markets they serve. They would love another outlet, but eBay costs are over 10% for most eBay sellers today too (this is over twice the fees from a just decade ago).

So I’ll support NEW marketing concerns when I see them, supporting real competition to keep quality up and and prices in check. Once the relationship is established with a particular seller/re-seller I’ll always go direct to them for future orders even if it takes a bit more effort and time (compared to just buying it off eBay or Amazon because it the same price and easier)— I want them to make money, keep making good products and not be put out by the junk sellers (who benefit more than they should selling through eBay and sometimes Amazon too).

I have ordered several times from AliExpress, Bang Good, KaiDomain, and Gear Best. If the resellers are doing better from these Chinese markets— then I’m happy for them AND I know I’m getting a fair deal. If it takes an extra week, I’ll elect to often save a few bucks too. :wink: But I won’t buy from a seller I do not know and BLF keeps it good for us there, and benefits the honest re-seller (which we all know now that Sofirn is).

So good for Sofirn (and keeping free trade open) if they chose to leave Amazon! I’ve ordered four orders from Sofirn in the last 60 days from ALiExpress- it gets here (US) in about two weeks. ANY problems (at all) and they reply and make it right with no questions or games. The way it should work. :+1:

Their store on Aliexpress is still online.

That is really harsh T&C but Amazon them selves adhere to the same T&C so i guess they really have to comply or else it wouldn’t work.

It seems more controlled than Ebay where seller run wild lol.

I guess on the plus side it brings the opportunity to sells lights to every day people.

I am still under the impression that not every one should own a Lithium powered light. I often see people buying lights like the BLF A6 that know nothing about lights and batteries and it makes me cringe.
I have how many chargers and i still sit with batteries while they charge and use my hand to check the temps. If a charge takes to long to terminate i check the batteries with my multimeter.

Hello Guys,

Sofirn online shop on Amazon is back!!!

We did meet some issues about our Amazon shop, but it is active now.

Please feel free to contact us if customer service care needed on Amazon.

Have a good day!

Tracy from Sofirn Light



Highly appreciated for your kindly understanding.

We did met issues about our online shop on Amazon in the past 3 weeks. However, we get the chance to serve our friends and customers on Amazon again.

Moreover, please feel free to contact us via Aliexpress, by our official emails, or by PM on BLF if Amazon’s shop met issues.

Have a good day!

I had a few in the cart saved.