ALL SOLD: Emisar and Fireflies

Hey all! I’m selling a couple flashlights that don’t get much use these days. Feel free to PM with any questions!

$60 sand D4V2 with mixed tint XP-L HI with 1x 1A, 2x 3A, and 1x 5D. Comes with magnet in the tailcap, raised switch retaining ring, SS bezel, clip, and extra 18350 tube. Like new.

$70 gray Fireflies E07 and 2xSamsung 40T. Mixed tint XP-L HI: 3x 3A, 2x 1A, and 2x 5A. Purple switch secondaries and mixed purple/ice blue forward secondaries. There’s a couple gouges in the tailcap (seen in picture) but otherwise perfect condition.

PM Sent on the D4V2

What does that mixed tint look like?

Interested in the D4V2 if it’s still available.

Sorry folks! Both are sold. EasyB, the mixed tint ended up a really nice neutral white with a rosy hue. I’d definitely recommend it. I got the idea from ToyKeeper and it is awesome!