All sold out: ReyLight Custom,Lumintop Tool AAA Copper. (Driver available)

Payment sent. Awesome about the Cupric Worms. Hey that has a nice ring to it don’t it!

Just get the answer. It is: NVSL219B-VI


can you please help me learn a little more, I dont know how to interpret those numbers
what does that mean to the end user… warmer, cooler, more cri, less cri?..

PayPal sent. Thanks Rey!

Seems to be rated at 2.9-3.1v forward voltage, 220-240lm luminous flux, but I don’t know if it’s CRI 50 or 90.

SW40 D220 L2 R9050

Paypal sent! Thanks!


thanks for the link, at the beginning under (2) Initial Electrical, it says
Color Rendering Index 93 Typ

and later it lists R9050 Ra as 90CRI and
R9050 R9 as 50CRI (seems highly unlikely)

Ive been hearing of the N219b for a while as being either a 90 or 92 CRI 4500K light… I would have to hope thats where we are headed… :slight_smile:
until proven mistooken

and page 1 says 91 CRI… Im going with that for now

Btw. I would but a worm too. Any bare metal (ti, copper, brass, stainless) with this circuit.

Maybe I could order a few more extra drivers, with this new firmware.

I would buy the drivers too. At least 2- 4 of them, depending on what I can fit.

No memory mode right? Quick reset to low?

Paypal sent for two light, many thanks, great work, WWEFANS.

I’m in for 1. Payment already sent.


R9050 simply means Ra 90 Miniumum , R9 50 Minimum. R9 is not part of what the CRI term stands as default, which is only R1-R8

That’s a pretty nice bin you got there. I may have to splurge on a couple more. Actually, I would be in for a few extra drivers and even emitters if there are any to spare (around 5). I have a couple of Worms and Al Tools that need some love.

default low. I will get a few extra drivers.

Hey what’s the price on this and how do I get in on it? Would be a great gift for my retiring dad.

I have the Tool AAA (in Al) and it’s a very nice light.

Ordered one light.


I'd be in for a few drivers too (but I think I mentioned that before in this thread )

Will send you a message.

Thanks for your support. The group buy is going on so far so good, maybe not as expected. You know, factory always requires a minimum order for all custom lights. And this GB is kinda rush for the Xmas, it only lives for about 10 days. We might have to do it quick, help is needed, any idea of other places I can post it too?