All sold out: ReyLight Custom,Lumintop Tool AAA Copper. (Driver available)

Ordered one light.


I'd be in for a few drivers too (but I think I mentioned that before in this thread )

Will send you a message.

Thanks for your support. The group buy is going on so far so good, maybe not as expected. You know, factory always requires a minimum order for all custom lights. And this GB is kinda rush for the Xmas, it only lives for about 10 days. We might have to do it quick, help is needed, any idea of other places I can post it too?

I’m in for 1.

I will be placing an order for 2 this Wednesday. Got to wait for Payday. Actually I will make it for 3 total if I’m not being too greedy. I know a couple guys who would enjoy these as gifts.

I’ll take another to help the GB along. Paypal incoming.

Paypal sent. Here’s hoping this special little light comes with a special gift box :smiley:

Sent payment for my 2 lights. Thanks!

Payment sent for one

Payment sent for 3. It’s going to be a great Christmas.

Sent a PM about jumping in on this, I’m still down for a few of em.

Payment sent for one… thx

Payment sent for 2, thinking about 2 more but might have to wait a bit.

Hi Rey, in TreviLux's review of the copper Tool preview sample, he found that the new no-pwm driver is not very efficient. It being a preview sample that Lumintop wanted response for, I assume that they may improve the efficiency of the driver before final release of the new copper Tool. How is that for the driver on this group buy light?

I’m hoping for an update too but I’m doubtful. The driver in use is likely what’s being shipped with the standard aluminum versions. It’s likely Lumintop already has a bunch of these drivers produced to use. Considering the little customization allowed from Lumintop on this GB, I have doubts they would be willing to redesign a new driver. All of this is speculation though, I hope they update the driver.

Hi djozz,

Is it the review by UPz? I read that and have reported it to Lumintop, they are looking into it.

He said
“the light always turns on in the Med mode, regardless of whatever last mode was used.”

That is not the Rey Light Driver, if it starts on Medium, but has no PWM, it is the new stock Tool driver. The ReyLight Drivers should be LMH and the low should be 1% instead of 5% as listed by Lumintop

“the Lumintop Tool AAA Copper not particularly outstanding, even for maximum output nor efficiency.”

I see no unusual deficiency of max output (–23) given the even larger increase in CRI of the N219 (+30)

less bright is normal for higher CRI and lower Kelvin:
stock CU Tool XPG2 nominal 6000k 70CRI, 110 lumens on high
the BLF N219b Tool nominal 4500K (25% drop), 91CRI (30% increase), 85 lumens on high (23% drop)

I would not call a 30% increase in CRI inefficient, I would call it fantastic!
bottom line:
its normal for a single AAA N219 to deliver ~80 lumens

So yes, I do think the review was not of the LMH driver that Rey Light has negotiated, so also yes, I do hope the discharge curve regulation is more like the Maratac (Although I suspect he was testing one of the Maratacs with PWM), and less like the Thrunite Titanium (which does not have PWM)

question, is it possible that No PWM circuits dont have as flat a runtime curve as PWM drivers? iow, is PWM more “efficient” as far as runtime curve consistency?

Looks nice!

Yes, but that one is MLH (#2 on the following model list), not LMH like this threads Group Buy (#3 on this model list):

Sorting out the Lumintops

#1. Copper tool with XPG2 from FStop Lights for $42 shipped. Some of those are still on ebay, had PWM and did not have the ringed reflector. These were not offered in N219, only XPG2, modes were MLH, with a 5 lumen low.

#2. There is a new run of Copper Tool with ringed reflector and N219 on Amazon, no PWM but still MLH (20, 5, 100%) mode sequence with 3 lumen low, cost with a discount code (MARTIN20) is $50. Also available from for $59

(note the photos being used for these ads does NOT show the ringed reflector, they show the older model with PWM, contact the vendor to verify if their photo is out of date and the lights are actually No PWM models)

#3. The BLF group buy is supposed to get a LMH (1% 20% 100%) mode sequence with N219 and ringed reflector, which indicates No PWM. Low should be 1 lumen (not 3 lumen as in #2). For Cost and ordering read page 1 of this thread.