All Sold! Silver Plated, Copper Triple Emitter P60 Shells

Hi all,

Given my recent frustrations with a project, I have decided to take my mind off it by doing something I know I can finish...

I have recently updated my P60 shell design. Initially I will have 50 units available and the specs are as follows:

20mm triple shell

CNC machined - very high quality

Solid copper

Thick silver plating

Accepts 20mm MCPCBs

Suits carclo 20mm (10XXX series) optics or similar

Accepts 17mm drivers with 10mm internal depth

3.8mm of space behind the driver when installed. This means that assuming a 1.6mm thick PCB, components 3.8mm or less in height will sit below the rim at the rear of the pill

4mm diameter central hole for LED+ and LED- wiring

Threaded grounding hole with matching allen key bolt (which is supplied with the shell) for easy grounding of driver - simply solder a grounding wire to your driver, wrap the exposed wire around the bolt and screw in. No messy soldering to the pill, or relying on a press fit for good grounding.

Flat spring shelf for increased compatibility with P60 hosts (OR TL tubes in particular). Springs will not be supplied.

External dimensions on the shell remain the same as my previous versions, so fitment is pretty much guaranteed with all hosts albeit with foil required in some cases. Basically, you shouldn't ever have an issue with a shell not being able to be installed.

These shells are perfect for high power, direct drive triples.

These shells are in my opinion better machined than the first batch, and the new design is much heavier - more copper :D

The cost will $5040USD per shell, and $30USD per additional shell. This price includes standard world-wide airmail shipping. Additional shipping methods are available - please PM me for costs and PayPal details. From experience shipping times are typically 2 weeks to almost all international destinations.

Australian buyers can purchase the shells for $35AUD shipped via standard post. Again, alternate domestic shipping methods are available - please PM me for costs and PayPal details.

As always questions and comments are welcome. I realize prices may be a bit steep but this is the only cost I can realistically sell them at to make it worth the time I have to put into designing, packing, and shipping the shells. Given my location, the cost of shipping these shells is slightly more expensive than actually making them! Please keep any comments or concerns regarding pricing above board.


- Matt

Paid and Packed List

Darwin Lopez (email) - 1 - Paid - Shipped
DuncanHynes (CPF) - 1 - Paid - Shipped
LightJunk (CPF) - 1 - Paid - Shipped
SOYCD (CPF) - 13 - Paid - Shipped
DrafterDan (CPF) - 1 - Paid - Shipped
m4a1usr (CPF) - 3 - Paid - Shipped
xv-750 (BLF) - 1 - Paid - Shipped
Grantman321 (BLF) - 1 - Paid - Shipped
Texas Shooter (BLF) - 2 - Paid - Shipped
LSX (BLF) - 1 - Paid - Shipped
MustSimon (BLF) - 1 - Paid - Shipped
Sparkey762 (BLF) - 2 - Paid - Shipped
DBCstm (CPF) - 2 - Paid - Shipped
Rufusbduck (BLF) - 2 - Paid - Shipped
Bushwhacked (BLF) - 5 - Paid - Shipped
MRsDNF (BLF) - 1- Paid - Shipped
AndyF (CPF) - 2 - Paid
DragonHead - (BLF) - 5 - Paid - Shipped

All Gone!

Leaftye doesn't like P60's and doesn't need to rationalize it, therefore can't be interested in a host with good thermal characteristics for a compact triple XP-L. No, that would suck. Must resist.

Put me down for one. Thermal transfer be damned, I love my solar force and making it a 3*xp-l would be fantastic.

I will grab one! I think the price is great! It’s nice to be able to pay for something in AUD for once and get it locally!

I will be watching this thread for updates and send payment once they are ready to go if that’s ok?

Will send you a pm for more details etc.

I am not expecting any payments until I have them in hand, so that's fine. I've started a little list to keep track of who's interested so I can rely on "first come first serve" if demand heats up.

- Matt

Price steep? Your machinist must be cheap. To me for that price your giving them away. All the best for the sale.

Not the cheapest I've found, but it's not all about the price, and the next cheapest wasn't cheap enough to make me think twice.

There's about a $2 difference per pill if I had 100 machined but I don't have a few thousand in spare cash lying around The silver plating is also not cheap and add's another 1/3 to the price. But it's thick, and for some reason doesn't tarnish AT ALL. Seriously I've got an 18 month old blank sitting here (I butchered it) and it looks as good as the day I received it...albeit a little mangled. But the finish is "as new".

The machinist is good to. The quality is superb. His shop is insane. He can make anything you can think of. Full bazillion-axis CNC mills that can do two parts at once, every type of welding you can think of. The first time I went down to ask him if he could make these pills he wanted to know how many thousand I was after. I almost feel like I'm a burden walking in with my random 50-odd orders. I showed him a dragon scale pattern light and asked if they had the ability to do something like that in Titanium. "Easy" was his response. I want to think of something to machine just so I have an excuse to be down there more often! Any ideas lol? What does the community want!?

Sorry, I'm rambling. I could stand there and stare at those CNC machines working all day.

- Matt

Love it Matt. I love haunting the machinist I know here as well. Its amazing what they can do with NC machines with a bazillion axis's. The guy that runs the one I haunt is only in his early twenties. He's probably a bit like you which is someone walking around with a couple of hundred maths equations going on in their head and solving them all at once creating new ones at the same time.

l dont know whether I envy you all or not.

If I wasnt building my own at the moment, I would be down for atleast 3.

Oh this is interesting. I’ve never considered a P60 platform. What’s the go-to host/LED/lens combo for something like this? Is thermal really an issue ?

I am interested in at least 1 possibly up to 3.

Solarforce hosts are the go-to. is the terrible website where they can be purchased - the UI takes some getting used to. Shipping is always $2 flat.

These are XP-_ triples, so XP-G2 or XP-L is what they are talking about. Nichia 219B is also a popular option (high CRI @ ~5000k CCT). For MCPCB the triple Noctigon from IOS or MTN Electronics is the thing.

By lenses I assume you’re asking about optics. One of the Carclo 10mm triple arrays always going to be your go-to here: You can find plenty of discussion on BLF about which Carclo triple but I think it should generally be 10507 (stock) or 10511 (polished). I have personally used neither.

Another option is to use these for a quads using Dsche’s board and a Carclo quad array.

Heat is definitely an issue when these are driven hard (such as DD). EDIT: took me a second to find it. scottyhazard’s post # 3 here:

Okay, I’ve subbed it. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the newest model when you get them. I’ve never had a P60. Maybe I’ll get one.

Thankyou Wight for that. I’ll do some digging!

I'm curious,what is the purpose of expensive silver plating, why not nickel plating (that is actually resistant to oxidation,unlike silver)?

Thermal transfer, silver is the most thermally conductive metal.

High end computer heatsinks are nickel plated. I think led4power’s question is still valid. I’m actually a little curious about it myself. Much as I love to keep the pimp hand strong, I don’t know why Nickel would not suffice. Maybe the silver plating was more readily available or less expensive than Nickel for small-run jobs like this?

Silver like Gold will diffuse into copper, so usually a 5micron layer is applied underneath gold or silver. Unless the Silver is very thick when nickel is not used no more, theoretically. Silver being the most conductive metal is a bit fancy, since it is only with 30W/m.K more than copper. We already know the 150W/m.K Al alloys used in some direct thermal path MCPCBs have 95% results of 390W/m.K of the direct thermal path copper ones. So what is going the Silver going to add is basically zero in therms of thermal conductivity, but as a finish surface it is better than copper.

I have had the same identical heatsink made from aluminum (unspecified alloy) and copper, 1Celsius difference, which means zero, since 1C is too low to represent accuracy due to many reasons. I was suing Arctic Silver 5, at that time the best available thermal paste, right now there are several with the same performance or better (like 2C better). However it must be mentioned that comparing passive cooling with active cooling is not exactly fair.

Nice Matt, I was just about to ask if you were planning any more of these!

This build of the quad XP-G2 in an L2X is on a 1" long bar of solid copper, with the driver pocket cut by rotary tool. The 24mm Quad optics fit nicely into an L2 series...

2960 lumens pulling over 9A, utilizing 2 2B, 1 1A and 1 3C emitters. :) Nice white light. Love it!

The only shells of yours I had here were the deeper reflector ones, and of course the Hyperion that isn't getting messed with. ;)

Will be in touch...