All Sold! Silver Plated, Copper Triple Emitter P60 Shells

What host is that head from?

It’s a Solarforce L2X. They could sell a handful if they’d just do another run. Every Solarforce / P60 fan who doesn’t have a couple regrets it.

Wight is correct, it's the Solarforce L2X and it's an entire host... here seen beside the new M7 also from Solarforce.

This is with Triple Nichia 219 Hi CRI emitters and a Qlite with Hyperion firmware, sporting 4 extra chips. Assembled in a Gold Solarforce L2P with SS clip.

How long does it take to tenderize a 32 oz ribeye with that puppy?

Probably helps some with heat emisitivity aswell

I’ve put two L2X heads on my SolarForce lights. I tell people its a offensive light with a prenotched fragmentation head when they ask. Seriously I’m also looking to do a triple XP-L on that pill. 3.04 amp Qlite and a 16 mm 12-7135 slave board double stacked on one side. Total should be 26-380ma 7135’s for 9.88 amps. I disregarded the FET drive in favor of good regulation. This is the host I plan on using I’ve already got one in Nickel and one black. There are great host but I needed to shorted the springs for unprotected button top 5200 mah’s. Not too sure if I can get that much through a conventional switch, it’s not the current but the resistance at single cell levels.

Have you thought about using the ld1 with a bit of a resistor mod for higher current? probably have to pot the driver though.

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I won't address any direct questions as they more or less have been answered by wight, Hikelite and DBCstm. I'll put my 2c in though of course!

From my own testing, copper drop-ins may eventually reach the same heat as their aluminum counterparts, but take longer to get there. This is great for the ridiculously powerful drop-ins some people around here like to build. Is it overkill compared to the alloys mentioned? Maybe. Some people swear by it. I know I do. However its one thing to say "It's not worth" and another to provide a proper alternative. You need to be able to source these special alloys and the machinist has to be able to work with the metal. I have no doubt I can do both, but copper is available and we have a lot of experience with it.

Silver plating is done to aid thermal and electrical conductivity and to reduce tarnish. Overkill? Probably. But people asked for it on my last run so I'm doing the same again. The silver plating I use is thick. For some reason its also very resistant to tarnishing. Here is a picture of two of my older P60 drop-ins I machined:

The one on the left was plated by me, by hand. It's 2 years old. The one on the right was professionally plated, and is now close to 12 months old. The tarnish is almost non-existent, although they have not been extensively handled. Copper of similar age has tarnished immensely.

I could make the same drop-ins from aluminum. That'd be easier and they would be cheaper, but not by much. These designs are simple and take no time to machine. The cost is in the setup, and moving from copper to aluminum knocks off so little to the price per unit that you may as well just go the full hog and get copper!

Dale - that quad isn't using one of my drop-ins is it? If so, how'd you get the optic to fit!?

I have an idea I'm toying with in regards to a new P60 style host. I'm hopeful this drop-in sale with fund those machining costs. The L2X may have inspired me in regards to the appearance :)

- Matt

Sorry Matt, no, the quad is sitting on top of a 7/8" dia 1 1/16" long copper round bar. I didn't have one of your shells for an optic. I don't know if I could've made the quad optic fit the shell or not, pretty sure I could've but don't have the parts in hand to play with. ;)

Thought the quad might help people get excited again about the options available for P-60's these days. :)

Beautiful works of art. Aluminum 168 pounds per cubic, copper 560, that gives you 3 1/3 more mass to hold the heat in. Some of you power freaks and you know who you are may just want to store your lights in the freezer. By the way Silver is 655 pounds.

Oops! (RE: My earlier suggestion for aoeu to consider a Dsche quad.)

So is the bore for the optic and MCPCB… a straight-sided 20mm bore? Or something else? TIA

I’m not sure why the L2X is such a winning formula. It’s got some ratios just right I think. …Like the ratio of area covered by massive rectangular knurling to the area not covered by it. :wink: :wink: Anyway I’m looking forward to what you come up with.

lol, don't worry, it's not another P60 drop-in. Quads are not on my radar (though I did supply the ones Vinh is using over on CPF that a few BLFer's have noticed...hence my comments regarding costs in this thread).

It is a straight 20.1mm bore that is 7.7mm deep. It fits a 1.6/1.7mm MCPCB and Carclo 20mm optic perfectly.

Depleted uranium is 1192… :party:

I will take 3 if there are any left.

I have you on my last so as soon as they arrive I'll PM you and if you still want them, theyre yours.

The shells have been completed and I will be picking them up this afternoon after work.

- Matt


Pics in first post. Sorry about the crappy quality and messy desk. I can take more photos if required.

So are you taking payments for these now that they’re in-hand?