All Sold/Withdrawn

Hi everyone, I bought some AA lights over the holiday season to give away to non flashaholics. These are the ones that are left.

I’d like to just sell them all together, but I may break up the lot eventually. They are now available for individual sale. They are all LNIB. First “I’ll take it” in this thread gets em.

Zebralight SC5w $65 (has a smooth reflector which is an option no longer available)
Armytek Partner A2 xp-g2 $18 SOLD
Armytek Prime A1 warm $30 SOLD
Armytek Prime A2 Pro warm $38
Sunwayman C15A xm-l2 $30 SOLD

Shipping will be $3 for the US, but I am negotiable. Send me a PM with an offer.

Or buy the remaining three (shipping included) for $120

Let me know if you have any questions!

Cant see pics

hmmm… anyone else having problems?

I can't see your pics either.

I can see them.

Hopefully that fixed the pictures… I wonder how long I have been doing that wrong :~

It did! :)

new prices! Happy Friday

I’ll take it.
PM sent for the Partner A2.

I’m curious about what you were doing that was letting Ouchyfoot see the pics but not the others. What was the deal?

I think I copy and pasted the wrong code. I believe I was pasting links to my google images not necessarily the image information. Just a guess though

I’ll take it
PM sent about Armytek Prime A1 warm

Three left, anyone interested?

Is the Zebralight SC5w in like new or has it been carried? I am looking for a true AA light for EDC on hot days and to keep in the car. Does it have a green cast or just a good NW beam? Pocket clip and head down possible?

Thanks Matt

Hi Matt, it is in like new condition. It has just sat on my night stand since I got it. No tint issues. This is the warm version but I would say it is much more neutral than warm, very nice tint in my opinion. And yes, the clip carries with the head down. Thanks for the questions.

That is very tempting… I really like the sound of their UI and the fact that they are really designed for AA not 14500. I assume that battery life sucks if you go over about 50%? They are just not budget lights, I don’t have one because the are like Fenix a little hard to choke down.

PM sent on the Sunwayman C15A xm-l2

These three are still available and I may be adding a few more things later

I’ll take the Sunwayman C15A xm-l2