ALL SOLD---WTS- Noctigon k9.3 (xpl-hi // Osram), Convoy M21e


SOLD---->Noctigon k9.3 ($110) - xpl-hi 4000k (channel 1), Osram yellow (channel 2) - black body, red switch, M2r clip. LIKE NEW, awesome light, The xpl-hi look great and are bright!

Sold---->Convoy M21e ($30) - xhp70.2 5000k, silver anodized body color, ramping UI, double click for turbo. A true upgrade for Convoy! Fantastic build quality as always. Like New!

Conus only -- PayPal only -- shipping and ALL fees included -- No trades at this time

k9.3 sold.


Artie, if that M21E falls thru… I will take it.

M21e = sold.

sorry Mattlward, I'll hit you up on the next one.