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Hi all! I’m trying to clean out my drawers again. Feel free to make me offers, especially if you combine multiple items. Prices include CONUS. Paypal preferred. First “I’ll take it” gets is.

1) Thrunite Catapult V3 xm-l2 80
3) Copper mag heatsink 20
4) Aluminum mag heatsink with screw holes 10
5) Aluminum mag heatsink without any holes 8
6) Convoy S2 10-
7) AW 18650 2600mah 10
8) Nichia 219 5 mode drop-in $8
9) LuminTop WORM 1xAAA 20-
10) Nyogel $5-
11) MT-G2 on Noctigon with wires attached 18-
12) solarforce l2-d18 $20
13) nichia 219 drop-in 25
14) xp-l V4 3D drop-in$25- $18-
15) xm-l2 T6 4D drop-in$25- $18-
16) convoy s3 with xm-l2 single mode 12
17) eneloops x 4 (used but still work great) 7
18) Imax B6 charger. Bought this for a friend who never used it. $25
19) LNIB Thrunite TN31 $90
20) Solarforce L2P with s10 switch and SS bezel $20

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks

I’ll take the s2.

I will take the copper heat sink!

bump for lotsa new stuff

I’ll take the mag heatsink with screw holes. Thanks!

i’ll grab the S3, eneloops, and XM-L on 20mm :slight_smile:

Give them to sirpaul if you don’t mind intl shipping but if you’re wanting to sell in conus only I’ll take the eneloops.

I’ll take the $8 mag heat sink

I’m going to be shipping them to a friend in Michigan, Cereal_killer :slight_smile:

PM sent

lots of new stuff added

how much is shipping for the aluminum reflector?

PM inbound on Solarforce lights.

Updated thread.