Already have Convoy S21D on the way. What other great 21700 lights should I get?

Already have Convoy S21D 519A 5000K, 8A CC 60 degree BEAD on the way from Ali

I’m also looking at the following 21700 lights currently (in the order of preference):

- Convoy S21E (519A 5700k)

- Convoy M21F (XHP70.2 4000k or SFT40?)

- Sofirn IF25A Anduril 2.0 (SST20 4000k)

  • Wurkkos TS25 (519A 5000k)

Which of these can You recommend efficiency and feature wise? What is Your preferred led/temp?

What other great 21700 (besides EMISAR D4K) I’m missing?


It's hard to go wrong with Convoy/Sofirn/Wurkkos.

If you want something that's all flood, the Acebeam E70-AL with XHP70.2 is really nice.

(It's my favorite floody flashlight.)

It is a bit pricey, though.


If you want something throwy, maybe a Convoy with the SFT40 emitter.

There are several to choose from, depending on how large of a head you want and if you want a tail switch or a side switch.

Acebeam L19 V2.0 SFT40 is a pretty amazing 21700 light IMO.

If you want more usable spill, the Convoy L21B is another really nice 21700 light too. The CULPM1.TG version was better than SFT40 for me, because the SFT40 one had a dark hole in the center of the beam. I also have the green Osram L21B and it’s great too, if you have a use case for it.

Grab a Convoy M21B with the 70.3 in 4k, really enjoying it.
Get another S21D with the 219b 4500k 10degree flat while your at it.

And another Convoy, the L21B with W2 or SFT40 is right up there with the Noctigon K1. Get them all, so good…

The Noctigon K1 is a great 21700 thrower.

It’s super front-heavy and awkward to handle, though. It always feels like it’s trying to make you drop it. If you can tolerate the bad ergonomics, it’s very good in terms of UI and beam profile.

I agree it is front heavy, but I’ve never felt like I have to tolerate anything. Its certainly easier than carrying my old 6d cell maglites.

Wurkkos TS30S, arguably best value SBT90.2 light at roughly $65.
Although if you want to get the most out of it you will need to supply your own high discharge battery. Stock battery is fine for longer runtimes, and actually can be used in your any other less power-hungry 21700 flashlight.


Because of this thread, and other similar threads, I think I'm going to order the Convoy M21A along with a stainless steel bezel for myself.

I've been thinking about the M21A for a while, but didn't notice the optional stainless steel bezel until today.

(I'm a sucker for a nice stainless steel bezel.)

IF22A. Kicks arse.

I have to agree. Also, no offense to Convoy but Wurkkos is nicer build quality. When the TS30S dipped to $55 I bought two of them. This should be part of everyone’s light collection.

Yes, but there are many lights that are also easier than carrying 6D maglites that perform similarly to the K1 without the ergononics/balance issue.

Wow, $55. Such unbeatable value.
But I haven’t pulled the trigger yet (I recently got a Sofirn SP36 Pro Anduril2 instead) because words came out that an upgraded version is in the work.
Same emitter and stock battery, but will come with AR lens from factory and better heat dissipation design.

M21B or M21F with GT FC-40 or 70.3 HI

Don’t bother with the XHP70.2, get the XHP70.3 HI

How does the M21D compare to the S12? They seem like the same body & driver but 4 LEDs in a TIR vs 3 LEDs in a reflector. They’re both quite floody but which one would have better throw?

Unfortunately, Simon’s stock of XHP70.3s are all ~70 CRI, so I would avoid getting them, personally. I already made that mistake, so if anyone can learn from my blunder, that’s cool. Pioneman has the 90+ CRI versions, and Hank might as well. I know there was some confusion over him not labeling them correctly a few months ago, but can’t remember the details.

Hello Yurii, the S21D is a close range flooder with top class CRI. Your next light IMHO should be something completely different, to give you a range of useful lights, so another vote for Wurkkos TS30S with SBT90.2 LED. ~1 km throw, ~4000 lm, still fits in loose pocket. Nothing at $60 comes close.

What’s nice about this light is the beam quality with SBT90.2 (why it’s such a hot LED lately): it’s a super-thrower but with good spill and larger hotspot. CCT of ~5100 is warmer (nicer) than most throwers that tend to be ~6000 CCT. The more I use it, the more I fall in love lol. You will be shocked (and pleased) by the distance it covers and how bright it is. I posted my measurements here if you’re interested: Wurkkos TS30S + monster LED SBT90.2 = $60 4750lm 1km monster thrower ;). Comparison w/ Olight, Nitecore & other super-throwers.

Another vote would be for M21B, F, or E with GT-FC40 4500k (High CRI, medium thrower, medium flooder). But this would be the third light. I would vote for TS30S above M21F, partly because you already have S21D. Happy Holidays and stay safe.

I have the K36 with the 90+ 70.3 and prefer the Convoys 70cri, the pioneman is very very green while Simon’s is a nice warm tint.

Assuming you mean S21D to S12. S21D 60 degree 8A CC has a smoother and wider flood beam, and 33% better sustained and max brightness. The S21D has a slightly smaller head size.

I think Hank only stocks the 70CRI now as the 90CRI has “poor tint”. If you simply want lots of efficient lumens, the 70CRI XHP70.2 or 70.3 are a good choice.

So, one of my two Pionemans needed a tint correction (1/8 minus green) and now it has a duv of –0.0021 and 95.0 CRI which is perfectly fine to me. The 1/8 green cuts about 8% of the output, which isn’t going to be a noticeable change to our eyes. The other was +0.0022 out of the box, which isn’t a strong enough tint for me to mess with (I’d probably overcorrect even with the weakest Zircon and wind up farther from the BBL.) I have a couple more Pioneman lights arriving tomorrow which I’ll be testing too.

Hank is free to do whatever he wishes, of course. He’s catering to an enthusiast crowd and it’s smart to go with what the majority of that market wants, and also whatever is best for your bottom line.