Alternatives to EAGLETAC SX25L3 (MT-G2)?

So I really fancy an MT-G2 torch and I like the form factor of the SX25L3.
Flood rather than throw is great, and I might even use it for cycling (assuming I can fabricate a suitable bar mount).

I’ve seen somewhere selling them for just over the £100 mark - seems like a good price.
Before I pull the trigger, is there anything else I should be looking at, or anywhere else I should be looking?


Do you mean Pounds? or USD?

100pounds is a lot.. Just saw it at goinggear for 119 USD.Which is about 75pounds. oops that was XML2

Yes, that’s pounds rather than dollars, and it includes postage from a UK retailer.
For the ‘kit’ version too, which apparently includes a few extra filters, a plain bezel etc. IIRC.

I have just ordered mine. Can’t wait for it to get here.

I was deciding between:

  • Eagletac SX25L3
  • Solarforce S2200
  • Solarforce K3 Head
  • Crelant 7G10
  • Crelant 7G5MT
  • Niwalker BK-FA02

The size and look of the SX25L3 won me over. I love the small stumpy lights.

I've tried the Crelant 7G10. Hated it.

The Crelant 7G5MT is a no go - it's only ~1400 lumens, and has a push for instant on tailcap with no click switch. See selfbuilt's review.

Tried the Eagletac SX25L3 and liked it a lot. Very glad I got the kit version. My only gripe is that it's a bit too floody, so I sent it out for modding - dedome, copper, wire replacement, and more resistors for a higher high. Stock though it's great.

Also have an MTG2 in and EA8 host, dedomed, at about 3A. Really love it since it runs off of AA batteries (although I stick to eneloops).

Also have a modded niwalker coming. I expect it will be more throwy though because of the large reflector and dedome.

For a flood light, at the moment there isn't really anything with an MTG2, except the Eagletac.

Now all of that said, if you don't mind the artifacts, a Neutral White Skyray King will be about the same in terms of performance. A tad less throwy and more floody, but all in all, same level of performance.

So as alternatives I'd suggest considering other multi emitter lights. The Supfire M6 would be a perfect option. Or basically any triple XML light.

I'm still kicking myself for not buying a SX25L3 from cellguy.

I missed that super special price too, paid a bit more, but he helped me out big time, in having one shipped to me super fast before camping.

Edit: The thing that really makes me spend more on MTG2's is I find their tint, and CRI to be by far the best of ANY led out there, including the famed Nichias. It's even warmer to my eyes, and nicer to use at night.

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

I got an SX25L3 MT-G2 kit from cellguy at E2 Field Gear at the end of August. I’ll cut to the chase: I like it a lot. I used CRC-226 to clean the head threads of the Nyogel that was applied at the factory (bare aluminum doesn’t like silicone grease; I did leave it on the O-ring, of course). I typed up a quick micro-review with my impressions that I want to post soon.