Am I an old fart?

Went with my son, 16, and his friend for food…
He drove, because well, thats his new thing, any excuse to go out….

We are sitting there, mid conversation, and a guy my age walks up and starts talking to my son’s friend.
No ‘hi’ or ‘excuse me’ nor introduction…. just started blabbing. Then he walks away. It was the friend’s football coach from a few years ago.

is this not plain old rude behavior ? Or is just how it is nowadays?

You’ll have to contact the site admin if you want to change your username to justanoldfart. :stuck_out_tongue:

About the actual topic though, I don’t think that’s an age thing… it’s more of a cultural thing. Acceptable in some circles, rude in others.


Only thing ruder would be if he were to just park himself in a free seat. And help himself to some of your fries.

it is how it is nowadays unfortunately. try doing it yourself, when talking to them, i know it may be hard at first, but this is how kids now behave, no manners, and they think it is cool

well, it was the adult that I thought was rude… He just walked up

how did you know? we all had wingstop fries

edit: my son dropped me off and him and his buddy met some friends at Culvers. Feels weird watching him go off w/o me

yea i know, and he is cool to them, on their vibe. he has been dealing with them for too long,

A little rude. What bothers me most is when someone comes inside your space really close to your face and starts talking/spitting and you feel the drops. I lived in Europe for 7 years and man do they come close. I'm always backing away and they're always marching forward.

After a few back-aways, what works is to just put out your arm to the desired minimum distance… wait for a beat… “Whoa… personal space”… wait another beat, then put your arm back down. Gets the message across.

As for asking if you are an ‘old fart’ ……… If you are young enough to have a 16yo son, then I would say no. I suspect I have underwear older. :person_facepalming:
Fwiw…. If this experience peaks wonder in you then I suspect you are in for a “long strange trip”…. Im constantly surprised, disappointed, and against my will… I am getting used to the way we treat each other nowadays…… unfortunately it has caused me to hermitize myself(i.e.- Ernest T Bass) Enjoy the way things are ‘NOW’ cause it is only going to get worse……that is the only advice I can offer :beer:

I think in Britain it’s quite normal ,
If you are with friend and then you seen another old friend , you talk to that friend

I think ignoring someone that’s been an old friend would of been worse

What makes it kind of passe is that it’s your child and this is someone involved in their activities and development. I honestly would be annoyed if in every situation where a friend or family member was recognized that the other person came up and introduced themself to me too, especially if it was just a brief hello. If it’s a teacher/coach/etc. that’s honestly surprising that they didn’t introduce themself. Who knows, maybe he was just in a rush or having a rough day.

Was he wearing his headlamp loose around his neck ?

I think the coach is probably used to just doing whatever he wants around his players .He's missing all the normal social cues . At least he didn't blow his whistle in anyones face... did he ?

You .. go to the salad bar and cut left .. And you! block that damn waitress .. RED ROBIN ON THREE !!

Im surprised at the lack of manners now even in adults. “Can you go and get some beer” I am always waiting for the please that is hardly ever said nowadays.
It is interesting that there is no word for please in the Finnish language.

kiltti is please pal

If he was an English teacher or a math teacher it would be rather rude.
But he is/was a coach (on a school?). Those are usually not very good in talking to adults.
It is for more than one reason they have their own corner in the teachers room.
But for the kids, dressed as a coach, smelling like a coach, they are like demi-gods.

My wife has a standard expession for that kind of behaviour.
“If everybody had a PhD in rocket science, there would be a shortage of garbage men”.
We all do what we do, and nobody’s superior, but it does not mean everything is connected.

PS, if you had a 16yr old grandson you might be eligible to be an old fart.
Some men have a gaydar, but I have a seniordar, and it tells me: get in line and wait a few decades.

Define old :wink:
It is difficult to say, maybe the person was just very enthusiast and forgot about it
Personally i think ‘Hi’ is the least he could do

So I am wrong, most Finns I have asked say there is no equivalent in finnish. Dont get me wrong Finland or Suomi is the only country I would migrate to the only country better than Australia. Had the opportunity to once but in hindsight it wouldnt have worked out as the lady wanted something I could not offer.

I vote rude, both from the coach and your son’s friend to not pick up the coach’s manner slack and introduce him to you.

im british and i came here 15 years ago, best thing ever ever done, other then having kids and buying torches!

language is a pain in the bum but i manage :slight_smile:

brits seem to that please and thank you for any reason, some times i get funny looks because im polite!