Am I an old fart?

Football Coach…. Alpha Male…… you… justanotherguy…… you got dissed…


I’’m 78 yrs.

I’m a GENUINE “Old Fart”.

And we still have manners.
Some seem to have lost them all nowadays hey.


” Dont get me wrong Finland or Suomi is the only country I would migrate to the only country better than Australia.

The only reason you say that above.
Is cause you live in NSW.

Come up to here or the Territory.

We’re Australia.

Youlot only supply the land for the roads coming up here….

47 yrs here. . Never been NOR want to. Go to Sidney (y)

They can’t even spell down there. Chuckle.

justanotherguy wrote,

"... We are sitting there, mid conversation, and a guy my age walks up and starts talking to my son’s friend.
No ‘hi’ or ‘excuse me’ nor introduction…. just started blabbing."

Rude. Uninvited. Interruption.

IMO, a coach should set an example of good manners. A coach can be an asshole in the tiny world of he/she and their players as much as he/she wants but, in public I'd hope said coach would be the person to use a teachable moment to advantage by exhibiting simple, common courtesy.

A pause beside the table to wait for a break in the conversation & glance up from any or all of the occupants of that table would be in order. Then, either the outsider says something like "excuse me" or, "pardon me", and an introduction. The seated player missed the opportunity to say something like "Hi coach <whatshisname>".

I would've interrupted coach's interruption almost immediately with a (cue incredulous voice) "And who are you?"

My German Grandfather and Midwest country girl Grandmother instilled good manners, civility & common courtesy in me from an early age. Sadly, such behavior training is becoming an anachronism these days.

Old is relative and, the age of a flatulent event is difficult to quantify on the interwebs anyway due to the (blessed) lack of olfactory cues so, I'll have to leave OP's title question unanswered.


He may see the kids every day, may have spoken with either a very short time ago, wherein he was merely continuing the conversation. He should’ve at least acknowledged you with a nod but better yet realized he didn’t recognize you and introduce himself.

I’ve noticed coaches cussing around the students (at the students!), on school grounds and at games, and often wondered why they aren’t reprimanded or arrested. Getting mad and shouting at the very kids they are charged with teaching is criminal in my book. That said, I guess rudeness is normal for the average ape.

He was his line coach in grade school 2 or 3 years ago…lol.

I guess that what things are like …. The internet and FB have eroded what I considered societal norms….

Ask any gray-haired woman. Old people are invisible to the youngish.

That’s why I activate strobe mode in crosswalks, too. They’re even blinder behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

I think the point was that the guy just came over, talked to The Friend, and completely ignored the others as if they didn’t exist.

No “Hi, I’m Coach Dee-bag…”, no “’Scuse me, sorry to interrupt… oh hai Mark!”, nothing of the sort.

I just knew.

It’s a blessing… and a curse.

More fun would’ve been to grab the son in a death-hug and yell at the guy, “Don’t you ever come near my son ever again, you pervert!”, and watch him confusedly slink away.

Unless he’s Bill Murray. Then it’s just cool.

I’d stick him with the bill, then.

Hey, he can afford it.

I think the op is over sensitive & making a big deal out of nothing.
IMO there’s definitely evidence there proving he is an old Grumpy fart :smiley:

Ehhhh as an Australian we are a laid back bunch. Probably to lazy to talk properly lol.

Its not uncommon to here to hear these phrases when some one wants your attention. Oiiii, Mate, Buddy, D*ckhead, This C*nt, F*ck whats going on here, Whats doing goobers. That is just a few.

Just blowing into some ones convo is not socially acceptable. At least swear your way into the convo and announce your self with a smart arse comment. lol

Here, just about every part of the aninomy is allowed on TV except the c world. How do you in the British sphere of influence get a pass? :smiley:

Personal Space is a cultural thing.
New Yorker’s stand closer than Texans.

When I was in Antarctica I worked with a group of Japanese.
The Americans spent most of the time backing up.
The Japanese spent the time moving foreword to fill the gap.
This would go on until the Americans would end up pinned to a bench or table.

Then there was getting out the door.
You never saw such a polite bunch of guys all waiting for someone else to go first.

The biggest cultural bridging experience was teaching each other to cuss in our respective languages.

I find it interesting that different cultures or even regions have developed different laughs.
Some literally giggle “Tee Hee Hee” and others “Haw Haw” or “Ho Ho”
I wonder why that happened?

The London sourced Britts who now inhabit “these parts” all say how much more polite they find folks here.
We make eye contact. City folks most anywhere don’t.
All the Best,

Justbegladyournameisn’tTrump. In England Trump means fart.
“hi, my name is fart”, irregardless of your age.

Kidding aside, you wouldn’t probably want to listen to most coaches, they are so full
Of themselves.

Yes i have to speak finnish to a few people at work , and I get buy just! The rest of the people there let me speak English to them , I’ve been working there that long they don’t mind me speaking English , but there is about 5 people that are as stubborn as me and only speak to me in finnish , it’s nice because I can practice my finnish more , it’s a difficult language but doable, we had a few people from up north Past Tampere way , they spoke very different to down south (veikolla) even some of the finnish guys here didn’t understand them so well .

Languages are brilliant !
Torches are better

So the wife informed me, she often gives my sons friend a lift to school…
Hasn’t said thanks once…

Squarely the parents fault

Sometimes people just need “correction”. Somewhat nicely at first, more insistently if needed.

Someone gets too close, sure back away, but then do the arm-thing to back ’em off.

“You’re welcome!”, said to Snot-In-Training, should get the point across. And if not, let him walk next time.

Clear example of rude behaviour.