Am I assembling this UF-T20 incorrectly?

Not sure what the deal is with this UF-T20. The dang lens sticks out past the bezel, so if I stand it on the head it rocks ever so slightly. I’m about to give this away, but I can’t if it’s not gonna stand correctly. Only thing I can think of is to run to the hardware store and look for a smaller o-ring.

Assembling in this order: O-ring, lens, retaining ring.

Check it out… UF-T20 REVIEW If you look close I think you will find your answer?

Lol, could you have found a thread with more pics and longer jargon-filled replies? JK, thanks. Unless I missed something it looks like I’m assembling this correctly. It’s how all my other zoomies go together anyway. I did skim through that thread 3 times, but nothing really popped out. Hate to be spoon-fed, but you’re seeing something I’m not, please tell.

I just got myself a UF-T20 host. I haven’t put it together yet, but it is not sticking out if you tighten it really really really hard. I was wondering if I got it wrong too, since it stick out about 0.5mm.

Pic shows o-ring on bottom - so your assembly is correct. Whats important I guess is how it looks zoomed out, focus? Removing the o-ring and putting the lens in with out it help clear up the focus? Can you see the little dots and bond wires in the die?

If you are unlucky in the cheap chinese-zoomie-glass-lens grab bag and got an inferior lens (one of mine is terrible) you may not see the die-dots at all :frowning:

Yeah had the same witg mine.
Took a lot of force on that retainer ring to push it down so it would not stick out (the wobly was less of a concern to me then damages that might occur when placed head down.)
Did rebuild it with the oring above the lens bit not happy with the focus.

Yeah, I guess do the best you can with it. :frowning: Even some better brands I tried had pretty piss poor lenses. :rage: But the Cometa, that baby is HOT! :cowboy_hat_face: Hot rodded Jax Z1 for like $40.00 can’t be beat really!! :wink:

That is a thick ‘o’ ring.

Ok, thanks. I ended up tightening it way past my comfort level, but it did end up clearing just enough.