Am I out of line?

About six weeks ago I ordered this light from Fancyflashlights. I didn’t have any unprotected 18650 batteries and there were two listed on the same page so I ordered the Panasonic 3400 mAh battery.

A few weeks later my order arrived and I was surprised to find the battery would not fit in the light, it slips in about 1/2 way then stops, rotating the battery makes no difference. The light shows no sign of burrs in the battery tube and is not deformed in any way. The battery appears ok other than a very small raised area on the wrapper near the positive end, it appears this is the problem area.

I emailed Ric and explained the situation but was a little put off by his first response that some batteries may be 0.2mm-0.3mm larger in diameter. My point being that if even some of the batteries may not fit the light they should not be advertised on the same page as the light.

A few cordial emails back an forth and he agreed to send me a free Panasonic 3100 mAh battery with my next order. I did offer to return the first battery and explained that I have no use for an unprotected, flat top battery other than this light.

I don’t buy many lights, just occasional drivers, emitters and modding supplies but I placed an order for a few odds and ends including 1 3100 mAh battery for the brass light. I like the light and figured I’d end up with two usable batteries (one I purchased and the replacement for the 3400 battery. I then sent Ric an email including my order number but received no reply.

Last week the order showed up, no replacement battery.

I emailed Ric but no response.

Am I out of line expecting a battery listed on the sales page with a light to fit said light?

Am I out of line thinking the retailer should supply a suitable replacement?

I’ve ordered from Ric in the past and never had a problem and believe he has a solid reputation here on the forum. I’m a bit surprised at this experience.

I don’t know. Being a typical BLF member I have several lights I could use that in if it didn’t fit a certain light. Those are great cells, and there’s no way I would sent one back because it didn’t fit a light. Considering the diameters of the tubes and batteries can vary, and seeing posts where people give differing information on if certain lights fit batteries, I know that it’s something that can happen.

I’m not calling you “out of line” but I probably wouldn’t have even bothered to bring it up.

Not out of line expecting it to fit.
Considering it isn’t just listed on the same page but its an option to be added with the flashlight.

(your link is broken)

Brass CREE XP-G2 3B NW 1x18650 EDC Flashlight

Since Ric promised you a new battery, then he owes you a new battery. He probably just forgot.

Reading your description, my first thought was, perhaps it’s just tolerances… the battery was perhaps made near the end of a production run — where the tolerances are on the “loose” end; and the torch made early where tolerances are still tight…

But this makes me think:

that maybe you have a wee piece of crud under the retail (outer) wrapper. Is it possible you could reduce the problem area with fine sandpaper or a fingernail file to the point it could be pushed in? It wouldn’t rattle!!

Ric should be getting back to you. I’d also expect his recommended batts (protected or not) to fit his light too. But some batches of batteries in the market have wrappers that have been known to suffer from uneven shrinking at the corners. Worse still, forcing it in may cause tears and compromise the insulation layer leading to a short circuit. Lastly, I remember (if not wrong) nobody in the US can mail a Li battery out without a light or a fitted holder anyway.

Would it not be a better solution to modify the light, taking a few thou. of an inch off the inside of the light, then a range of batteries might fit.
I agree that it’s not an ideal situation, to have to alter a new flashlight to get it to work but it would be a permanent solution.
I also think that if you are promised a replacement of anything then you should get it. Drop the supplier an email reminding them of the promise to send a replacement battery.

I’ve had problems with products from Ric before, he always fixes it swiftly and professionally. Don’t stress, he will get it sorted for you, he has quite a good rep here.

I had a similar issue when I ordered a Balder v1 a few months back when they were on special. It was my first 14500 light, & I bought 2 Keeppower 14500’s from the same page to use with it.

They didn’t even come close to fitting, & I was a little peeved. In my case, I was able to remove the outer wrap & protection circuit - problem solved.

I know the Brassy is a very tight fit also - fortunately I had some cells that fitted OK.

There should definitely be a ‘heads up’, or at least some internal measurements listed so folks don’t get caught out, & if the battery is on the same page listed as an option , it really should fit….

As others have said, don’t worry, Ric will get it sorted out.

He’s a respected dealer around here, and will try his best to work this out.

The cell should fit the light. Not just because it was listed on the same page but because the light is made to take that size cell. While it might stand to reason that an occasional cell will not fit a particular light, almost any of that standard size should be expected to slide right in.

I would probably take the permanent fix approach and bore the light slightly. A wooden dowel, with a slit cut into the end, will hold a piece of sandpaper wrapped around it. This can be turned at reasonable speed with a drill/cordless drill to ream the battery tube area slightly such that most any cell you try will work.

Issue has been resolved. Ric emailed today that he is sent a Panasonic 3100 battery today.

I appreciate the comments but feel a few folks missed my point. That point being that if a specific battery may not fit a light is should not be listed as an option on the same order page. If the retailer is aware that even 1-2% of these batteries will not fit there should at least be a disclaimer noting it.

At any rate, Ric has taken care of it.

providing the replacement cell fits. Time will tell.