Amazon Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

Thrunite Ti3 Ti XP-L CW

$19.95 - $4 = $15.95

There’s other Thrunite lights on sale right now

Bought a Rofis R1 adjustable-head flashlight (16340, XM-L2, 5000k, neutral white, magnetic charging) today, with battery, for $36 (about 40% off) from SkyBenTrade on Amazon

I believe some of the other models are on sale also

I tried to visit Rofis’s website, only to encounter a grey screen with a message about their web hosting account being suspended. Not sure what to make of that.

I ordered the R2 the other day from them. Very nice light but awful LED in mine. Really bad tint shift. I ordered an R1 in the hopes that it’s better. Either way, I’m planning to break in my new soldering station and hotplate on these.

Bought one of these balancing chargers for my battery packs —2amp discharge is why I got it

Also RTIC coolers is running a big sale on hard coolers —- Today only use the code “FLASH25” for 25% off their already sale price

Got the “Lukasa Portable Generator Power Station 26800mAh Battery Pack CPAP Battery Pack, Home Camping Emergency Power Supply”, $120.99 -> $48.40 (expired deal).
I had some use-or-lose Medical FSA money, so this is a “CPAP UPS”.

When I opened the package, I could hear the batteries clunk in the unit as I pulled it from the box. It was shipped 3/4 charged (3 of 4 bars), and everything works fine. If I had paid $120, I’d be pissed. I’m not convinced it’s worth $50. I will open it up and secure the battery pack. It’s nice that it has 12V in and out, and 120 V out (100W max).

Oh yeah, it makes an impractical but long-lived flashlight - H, L, Strobe, COB. Just guessing, but 30-100 days of high?

There's a number of new cheap flashlights that look like this on Vipon/Amazon:

The one pictured above has been marked down to $3.29 and runs on an 18650.

My Rofis R1 arrived with multiple electronic gremlins, a battery with 0 volts (protection tripped? ) and a green LED. :confounded:

I returned it to Amazon for a refund.

Anyone notice that most vipon deals recently are garbage? Tried magnets, molle pouches, even those clothes bags you vacuum the air out… all garbage. None of the deals worked. Zero.

Some just came up “this code cannot be applied… blah blah” outright, others showed, say, 34bux down to 17bux, you save 50%, but now the regular price is 19.95, so they jacked up the prices for a coupon and now it’s back down to regular but the code no longer applies either, not even for a stinking 3bux.


Yep, it's pretty rare when Vipon has a good flashlight deal, but that doesn't stop me from checking everyday.

I actually checked those (like I need another light…), and even worse, aside from 1 entry for crappy lanterns, 8 entries, like 4 and 4, for the exact same 2 lights, the one you pointed out and one Dustbuster light.


For what it worth I purchased one of these with a Vipon coupon about 8 hours ago.

Works well in a metal shelf cabinet.

Not working for me. Amazon says “The promotional code you entered is for an offer that has not yet begun”
But I don’t mind. I buy too many Vipon deals I don’t even need :smiley:

Same here.

Just picked up these Ear Buds — a little over $18 with the extra coupon on Amazon

Just ordered those earbuds, thanks. I’ve had pretty good luck with cheap earphones on Vipon. The ones I don’t like get gifted to my grandsons. They are not nearly as picky as me :smiley:

I also just got those ear buds thanks for the tip and link, much appreciated.

I got the jump starter just now too, looks good for traveling which I’ll be doing . Thanks for the info

That must be a Thing us grandpas do —- I give my grandkids plenty of these lights/etc that don’t make the cut

I have those ear buds. They’re tiny but the sound quality is acceptable and battery life is good. The charging case is bulky for pockets but it doubles as charger for your phone. Totally worth it.

Is there a code for the earbuds?