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Regarding that extension cord above....hard pass. Looking at just the housing on the strip with those sprue holes suggests that it may not be a smart plastic choice in regard to arcing or overheating. I've seen quite a few surge strip and extension cord failures with the ultra cheap China stuff. Those certs/ratings are usually a hoax and they just imprint the products because they're "supposed to"...not all, but many of these cheapies do exactly that and there is zero testing or approval involved. That switch looks super sketchy too, so the first thing I'd do is open that up for a peek. I've seen similar cords that had line and neutral crossed, loose strands at terminals, really crappy quality conductors...etc. I think it's high time that the US clamp down on electric cords and devices in regard to safety and certification...just way too many unsafe products in our market now either in design or construction & materials. I know UL is super expensive and possibly somewhat archaic in its structure now, but we need to return to some safety standards and demand that of imported products.

(before anyone accuses me of cancel-whatever, I am currently waiting on about eleven packages from Aliexpress, only one of which is flashlight related (Convoy)'s just that this crap can be really important and until you see it matter, it won't matter to you.)

One side already failed. Starting to sense a theme with vipon.

Agree. Don’t forget to stock up on real fire extinguishers. My buddy recently was able to save big scratch buying an off brand charger to charge his off brand cells for his vape thinggy. Sucks when the things light up your room at midnight when you are sleeping and you almost cook. 3 fire extinguishers was the number for him, but it was nip and tuck when the smoke is so thick you will die if you breath it in. (drop to the floor for a breath was his advice).

Besides, you’re saving $10 on the cord, whats the worst that will happen? I’m with you brother, go for it. But I want to see the “after” photos too:-) Buddy’s shots of a burned out bed and room looked pretty f**ing knarly. Dudes in great shape, and keeps an extinguisher right by his bed, which started the process and then he went through 2 more, or he likely wouldn’t have made it.

Bummer. I ordered those too. Guess I'll check the thermal paste situation before deciding whether or not to return. Thank you for reporting that dthrckt.

LUMINTOP Bike Light, USB Rechargeable Bicycle Headlight, IP68 Waterproof, 165° Wide Beam LED Front Light, 360° Degree Rotatable, 400 Lumen 10. 5h Runtime Accessories Fits Urban Commuter Bicycles, C01

$10 after the 50% off clip coupon.

May be Prime only, not sure.

Bluetooth headphones for $15

Looks like these are rebranded Mpow H19 headphones.

EBL AA/AAA battery charger + 8 AA batteries for $10.99

That ebl deal is astounding, thanks! In for 2.

Thanks for the heads up.

Ordered, thanks

What was the EBL code?


Just ordered

The EBL Vipon page was working a little while ago on my tablet. But when I went to my PC, it kept throwing an error.

Nice deal, thanks. Of course, presuming EBL is at least as good as Amazon Basics AA. 2300mAh is impressive for this price.

Can some post the Amazon link? Vipon not working for me.

EBL LCD AA AAA Battery Charger with AA Rechargeable Batteries 2300mAh (8Pcs) - Smart Battery Charger for Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery

hopes that works for you mattlward

Works! Got it.

This turned out to be even better than I expected. The casing is a nicely anodized aluminum alloy. Magnetic everything—the docking of the tool bit module, docking of tool bits at the tip, and attachment of bits to the spindle. Nice heft. Quality item. VERY impressed! And the turquoise color? Magnificent. I’d love a flashlight in this color. NOTE: as of this posting, turquoise is back to normal price but red and slate gray are 25% off. Unfortunately, looks like the VIPON code no longer works… for the moment.

I am wondering if you did get 3 lights :money_mouth_face:

I used mine a couple times and love it so far, the rear bearing is surprisingly smooth. Everything is magnetized. It’s a tad thick for precision work but works well for 90% of the tasks out there.