Amazon Deal Alerts & Discussion Thread

Thanks!! I was thinking about opening this kind of thread a few days ago, because I found out that Amazon sends to Japan as well..Not all products, and only the ones that are sent by Amazon themselves.

Will keep an eye on this thread.

Non flashlight related items also ok? Tools etc?

Sure. Just a catch all thread for when one doesn't want to create a stand alone thread for something about Amazon. Even stuff that competes with Amazon. Amazon is a big seller of Eneloops here in the US. So if you ever have a special going for Eneloops, please let us know here too.

Save your money… I ordered 1 too and I just got it today, it’s definitely is not as bright as the original 12 LEDs Supernight… even though the picture on Amazon website shows Supernight on the light, but I got Ultrafire instead. :stuck_out_tongue:
compare it side by side with the original 12 LEDs ( grey) supernight… it was no match
but for the price of $36… it’s not bad at all especially when you give this to non flasholic friend

btw, add another battery and it will shine brighter :smiley:

Really? The driver handles 4 or 5x26650, 16.8-20V with no problems???

I don’t know if it’s going to cause problem in the long run… but for few seconds it was fine :smiley:

EDIT: I only put 4 batteries on it and it was working fine, albeit I only tested for few seconds… ( 3 secs)

but my other 15 LEDs from supernight, it can handle 5 batteries just fine… ( same test… only for few secs)

Amazon - Google Search“commingled+inventory”“WSJ”

For some items — can’t tell what — Amazon brings them in from a lot of sellers, advertises them separately at the seller’s price and description, but Amazon will put a general ID sticker on “that” item.

For those, no matter who you think you’re buying from through the Amazon site, Amazon’s warehouse sends out the next “one of those” on the shelf.

So if a China lottery is supplying a lights, and a good reliable knowledgeable seller is supplying “that same” light — if Amazon labels them in inventory as the same thing — you don’t necessarily get what you’re paying for.

OK, just to clarify here so that nobody buys/fries their lights based on bad info: did you actually put 5x26650 fully charged, and for what amount of time? and it was “fine” and still works with no damage? Also what type of 26650? Protected or no?

yes it still work fine with 4 batteries… but I only tested for few seconds though

Amazon Warehouse Deals

Used Very Good - Fenix E12 - $16.16

Used - Very Good - Princeton Tec Quad Tactical - $7.64

Items listed as “Used - Very Good” can vary in condition. I’ve received items where only the seal on the packaging was broken and the contents appeared to be untouched, and I’ve also received items that were DOA. DOA items can be returned at Amazon’s expense.

Also, Amazon Warehouse Deals prices kind of act like a reverse auction. Prices slowly fall until the item sells. They can bounce up periodically but they fall again eventually.

Edit: both items sold, and quickly.

4TB Seagate External - $120

4TB WD External -$130

These can be shucked if you want internal.


Nice info about “Used – Very Good” and pricing. Thank you.


I haven't keep up on hard drives, but those look like some real good deals.

DayLighter wrote:

Save your money.. I ordered 1 too and I just got it today, it’s definitely is not as bright as the original 12 LEDs Supernight.. even though the picture on Amazon website shows Supernight on the light, but I got Ultrafire instead. . . .

Thanks for the info. Kronological is currently modding his driver in his TR-12xT6. Nothing radical. Just trying to boost the output modestly if I understand correctly. You might have the same driver.

this is a great idea IMO to have an AMZN specific one, thanks!

i dont know about quality as i have never owned a wallyshine but C8 for $5.10
Wallyshine c8

That’s a no go. I bought 3. They had an xre/xpe. No heat sinking. Just a ledge under the led. Next mode memory. I gave 2 to friends and direct drove 1. They seem to hold up on the stock driver. But over heat and turn blue when direct driven.

Well at least they will be great for gifts for non-flashaholic family.

DC Fix is finally available on Amazon. $10.99 for a roll.

for a moment i thought this was a product to settle the DC vs Marvel debates :bigsmile:

I browse the Edison Bright storfront on Amazon monthly. They sometimes have a good deal on Olights.

I got a Olight M20S G2 for $29.95 shipped last week. It went up $10 this week.

AmazonBasics 8 Pack AAA Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries, 1000 Cycle (Typical 800mAh, Minimum 750mAh)

Made in Japan. Alleged to possibly be rebranded Panasonic/Eneloop cells. $10.49 for eight.