Amazon N5 Trustfire XM-L Drop-In for Maglite D

I found this on Amazon:

N5 Trustfire Cree XM-L T6 1200-Lumen 5-Mode White Light Drop-in LED Module

“Features High brightness performance Low power consumption and long life span Easy to install General Specs Brand Trustfire LED Number 1 Emitter Type Cree Emitter BIN XM-L T6 BIN Color White Mode Arrangement 5 Modes Luminous Flux 1200lm Voltage 3.7V Diameter 52.7 mm Height without Spring 42 mm Large Spring Diameter 0.9 mm Small Spring Diameter 0.7 mm Height with Spring 42 mm Mini Spring Diameter 26.7 mm Weight 110 g Dimensions 5.5 x 5.5 cm Package Details Weight: 82.39 g Size: 5.5*5.2*5.2 cm Package Includes * LED Flashlight”

The shape of the reflector makes me think this might fit the Mag D a bit better than some other drop-ins.

Has anyone installed this one yet?

I would love one of these for my old (3) D cell light. If someone ever gets one and installs it and it works great and they recommend it I will get it!

I’ve found the write up on LaserPointerForums on how to install one of these drop-ins in a Maglite D.

Here is a comparison of the Amazon N5 Trustfire drop-in:

To the DX SSC P7 drop-in commonly used:

The shape looks a bit different and the reflector doesn’t look quite as tall. The specs seem to indicate they are very similar in dimension.

Dimensions of DX SSC P-7

- Bezel edge diameter: 52mm

  • Height with support spring: 57mm
    Dimensions: 2.05 in x 2.05 in x 2.24 in (52.53mm diameter, 56.9mm tall)

Dimensions of N5 Trustfire XM-L

- Diameter 52.7 mm

  • Height without Spring 42 mm
    Size: 2.2 in x 2.08 in x 2.08 in

Here’s some other options from DX, all 52mm diameter.

I know someone who did this style mod to a mag, I’ll see if I can get him to report in….

A family member just picked an old 4D M@g (serial number starts with D) out of a neighbor’s recycling bin.
It’s incandescent of course. But the alkalines, though beginning to show signs of leaking, haven’t splled into the tube yet.
There are now a variety of LED dropins for these in the $20 range (wholesaler ‘Dosoe’ at AliBaba, minimum quantity 1000) up to $129 [Adventue Sports]

— I”m curious if this old thread attracts any recent experiene upgrading these monsters.

Yeah, it’s a dinosaur, but for the earthquake cache, probably worth saving.