amc7135 bleeding

how to detect one of bleeding amc7135 connected parallel (12x) ?
any good system?

Measure middle and left legs, should be no contact, but first , you have to remove them all. Ok ,not all ,you can leave 1, but only when if its not leaking :smiley:

middle leg is all time to negative connected, this no have sense

What do you call bleeding? AFAIK an AMC7135 driver always bleeds a bit.
That’s why I can make my own lighted redneck tailcaps by soldering a 3mm led over the switch.
The same is possible with (old) Thorfire drivers. Or the Lumintop Tool. To name a few.

The more AMC’s the brighter the 3mm led gets. With 2xAMC7135 and a UV led it is barely visible.
With 8xAMC7135 (Nanjg 105C) it is so bright I can almost use it as a keychain light.
Because AMC’s are always in parallel, with 12xAMC7135 you should be able to make a bonfire.

But I think (correct me if I’m wrong) at least some of it is caused by Schrödinger’s cat.
If you hook-up a DMM, you observe a current. Maybe that’s because the DMM is closing a circuit?

bleeding, leaks a very small current, visible on emitter.
as you said, any E-swithc lamp with amc7135 bleeding?
definitely not. only faulty amc bleeding.

“…AMC7135 driver always bleeds a bit.” - only defected or with some nasty schematics.


7135 works like N mosfet only current stabilized . No input on right leg ( gate) - no output on left leg (drain). Middle (source).

seems nobody know :confused:

because there is no easy solution, you have to unsolder all and check each separatly.