Amutorch TC500: Budget Super Thrower

Here is my review of the Amutorch TC500, a major step up from your more compact C8-style throwers. No visible PWM on any mode (unlike other reviews online observed). Awesome reflector, solid construction, waterproof (tested). Neutral white, Philips Luxeon. Please enjoy my video:

Excellent review! I especially appreciate that you’re willing to call out the weaknesses, not just the strengths. The anodization does look a little off, but not that bad for a budget light.

I don’t own any yet, but this company make Damn fine torches

Amutorch surely does put out a number of intriguing lights. This has been on my radar for a while. If I could get solid and consistent info about the driver and UI I would probably buy one.


Thanks for the review! Can you confirm if there is mode memory or not on your sample? One review mentioned that it always started on medium. This would kill it for me

There is FULL mode memory including strobe. A great feature of the UI is that you can morse with the forward clicky in the mode you last selected. Also other reviews mentioned PWM. There is no PWM in my video and I played on every mode. This is a light you can truly enjoy and use. Also good at getting rid of the heat, truly water resistant. A few flaws in terms of machining but otherwise great.

Looks like I’ll just have to get one then. Thanks Markus!