AMUTORCH TC500 - stocks on hand for shipping -- who wants a code for it?

Please send code.

Interested, thanks

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What’s the diameter of the head?cant seem to find the answer. Please send code.

Edit. I believe it’s 64mm head

Code please. Thanks

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Didn’t get it


Please send me the code

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Code please

Interested too. Thank you.

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BTW guys, guys, here is some data about throw

Luxeon V Throw = 575m= 82,6kcd
SST-40 Throw = 770m= 148,2kcd
XP-L HI Throw = 250-260kcd+ = 1000m+

Stock, the XP-L HI light has better throw than the FT03, and is guaranteed to ship on time, and comes in with a better tint in NW.

It’s amazing honestly.


Please seen me the code and details, thank you

Are these your measurements?

No. just what Amutorch said.

576m is freeme’s measurement, 770m is the SST-40 measurement given by Amutorch, and the XP-L HI is the one that I got asking Amutorch.

I’m interested. Where would I go to buy this guy?

Nice to see one of my favorite LEDs used in a production light, the Luxeon V.

Shame I don't need another thrower, but I like that Amutorch keeps doing different things.