Amutorch XT45 - xhp50.3 HI version

I was checking out Amutorch's site today and buried at the bottom of the first page of lights was the XT45 with a xhp50.3 HI emitter.

I have already modded a couple new lights with the xhp50.3 HI (4500k 90CRI) led and have a couple more sitting in my workshop.

I like that Amutorch decided to make the xt45 with (what must be) a boost driver for this fantastic new led.

it doesn't say what cct they're using (probably 6500k), but it does say it's spec'd at 3550lumens and 678meters of throw. Not bad for a 45mm head size!

Wondering if anyone knows of a Amutorch website coupon code?

sorry if this info is on blf somewhere else, but I searched before I made this post and couldn't find anything.

I’m just wondering when quad light setups with this will arrive. : D

me too, I want to investigate finding an appropriate (boost?) driver to update my (sofirn) Astrolux EC03 with xhp50.3 HI.

Hmm. Maybye something from convoy?

Well. maybe, because Convoy has been crushing it lately. I also was thinking maybe Hank, i actually measure some of my Noctigon / emisar lights last night to see if any of their driver would fit. It looks likek the KR4 driver would be the only one that is smaller than the EC03. So maybe when it gets the 12volt treatment?

these are the parameters "needed" for the mod to happen:

  • Boost driver (12volt) i think?
  • E-switch capable
  • Anduril (Preferable, not essential) or Bistro/Narsil
  • 27mm diameter

Then there would be the matter of the MCPCB, i cannot remember if the stock mcpcb can be used since the original LED's were 3volt, in parallel. Unless there could be jumpers installed across parts to all

Sorry I’m late :person_facepalming: PM me or contact us via service for more information.

Subscribed, interested in this too as I ran across some Amutorch XT45 listings that were well-priced for its SBT90.2... and then saw the XHP50.3 emitter option. Haven't tried an Amutorch yet, this could be my first?

Hello everyone!

Amutorch was more than generous enough to share a coupon code for the XT45 from today valid till 10th of April.

15% off coupon — XT450BLF

I have not used it yet and there is no specific link given so it sounds like we just use the amutorch website to access this discount code.


Hmmm, just tried it on their site, says invalid. Thought it was just for the SBT90.2, but same for the SST40 option. Might be for a different platform?

Just out of curiosity, I tested out the code on the OP link (AMUTORCH XT45 3550Lumens,678m,CREE XHP50.3 HI LED) and it took $10.50 off the total of the flashlight.
I diddnt actually follow through and place an order though.

Thanks for posting the discount code for us. the code is for XT45 XHP50.3 HI. Here’s the link

OH! I apologize! It was early and I was very tired, i forgot to mention it is only for the XHP50.3 HI version of the XT45, sorry all!

Thank you AMUTORCH for posting the correct link for us!