And the best light is...

Of course the answer is the one you have when you need it;-)

Last night I had to change a flat on the edge of a busy rural interstate. I was so happy to have my R5-A3 on my belt! While working with my hands the little bugger simply disappeared in my mouth. My entire work area was lit up like daytime. Some of the wow factor lights would have burned my mouth by the time I was finished. (Although with double bottom 18 wheelers going two abreast about a foot away I was moving pretty fast;-)

Seriously, I like my P60 18650 for it's versatility and run time. Am sure I could have easily worked with it in my mouth as well. I actually did have it in a jacket pocket in the car somewhere. However it was so great to have something right on my belt that was so light and provided so much lite. Kind of made me feel better about my new found "sickness"-;)

Still eagerly waiting for my new single 18560 thrower to arrive. Am sure I would have been happy to have that in this situation as well. Any of them would be the best flashlight if it were the one available. However, thanks to all the wonderful people on this list pointing me to the R5-A3, I have never had a better working experience in such a situation. Wish I could say I didn't have enough experience to make that judgement-;)


Waiting to hear the results for possibly the most extreme test for any flashlight, Wade. Be sure to update us as to if it works after you poop it out!


Johnny *couldn't resist* Mac

Hehe, I do hold my 18650's on my mouth too when I go fishing, and need to do something in a hurry. I might look like the guy in the greem mile film.

I keep a headlamp in my car cuz me no likey teeth gripping metal.


Not sure if I can bring this part of the discussion back to a more serious note;-) Not sure if I want to as that was pretty funny.

However, the ability to hold these new wonder lights in my mouth is a really important part of why I am enjoying this new found addiction so much. Headlamps are great. Will get one of those head bands to use with these new lights as well. But it is all about having what you need when you need it. I don't typically carry a headlamp around and doubt I will carry a headband either. When I am fixing something in the dark I need my hands and for years I have had to live with a mini-mag because that was all that I could comfortably work with. This is the same reason I'm not particularly interested in single mode XM-L that are driven hard. Impressive yes! Comfortable to work with, not so much.

Ok, so now I just talked about enjoying having something comfortable in my mouth;-) Going to be interesting to see how much fun gets made of that!


Good point! I think I will throw one in the car. That would cover a lot of situations.


I have been using a mouth grip for years .

That is why I put a length of clear vinyl tubing on some of my lights .

Sure , there is the drool factor , but you can't beat the comfort or convenience .

I usually carry the Ex10(link below) at work and usually need both hands so i usually put it in my mouth and i can direct it where its needed.

lol..that sounded way too funny. ;) So you find mouthing shafts wrapped in vinyl comforting? hehe..(just kidding bro!)

I just ordered a blue ITP A3 for my gf. Looks like the perfect keychain light for her. I have an ITP A1 for myself but she wouldn't appreciate anything that doesn't run on batteries she can buy anywhere.

I'm actually thinking of getting another A3 for myself just for the convenience factor of the batteries. I travel sometimes and it'd be nice to take a light with me that uses standard AAA batteries. Figure I can carry the A1 when I'm home and the A3 when I'm traveling.

edit:: BTW, were you talking about the ITP A3 with the R5 led or the other R5 flashlight? I always get them confused and think people are talking about one when they're talking about the other....

I've been kind of tempted to try the ITP A3 as well. However, I was talking about a AA light.

Love this light! Just got a xeno Eo3 for a gift and I would probably recommend that if strictly running AA. However the I think I actually like the Trustfire R5-A3 better for use with 14500s. I think it has better heat management. The XM-L in the xeno is brighter. Incredible on a AA. However, I'll take the extra money and put it towards other XM-L lights in the 18650 formats for more light. This thing gives out way more than anything else I've ever used and it isn't all that much dimmer than the xeno given it was only 1/2 the price.


I vote the 4Sevens Q Mini 123 XML the best oral-carry light. Extremely bright, sufficiently floody, light-wieght, does not get too hot and is appropriately shaped for OC duty.


I've got headlamps too, but for some purposes like fishing crabs during the low tide, I feel I can throw the light with more accuracy this way than with a headlamp, and looking for them is also more comfortable holding a flashlight in my hand than in my head, I mean if I need to move quickly, the headlamp could be a bit anoying.

While staying just waiting to fish with my fishing rods, I prefer the headlamp.