And the Winner Is------The Last Giveaway - for O-L that is - for 2012 that is, ENTRY IS CLOSED - We have a Winner!

The Winner is Post# 60 member name ntg

Please PM me with your full name and address.

Here's a little giveaway light. It's a Mini-Mag 2AA Mule.






Even at a foot or two away, it's total flood.

This light is sort of a mistake. I was trying out making an aspheric flood to throw Maglite. It didn't work out. I decided to make this into a Mule instead of ditching it.

There is no hot spot, it's just total flood. Not a great amount of light, just light all over. It has an XM-L T6 in it, don't know the flavor, but I am guessing the 6500K range. It has the stock plastic lens. The on/off is not the most desirable. The head does not turn the light on or off. You have to loosen the tail cap to turn it on/off. I know, but that's the way it is.

It's free. It needs two AA batteries. Alkaline, Primary (1.5v) Lithium, or NiZn. I am not including a dummy cell, as I ran out of stuff for them. In fact I've run out of stuff for most everything including steam. This is the last light for 2012 and for a while. I need a break and there are other much more important issues that have blossomed into monsters, so I need to put this stuff on the back burner, way back...


  1. Be a member as of January 1st, 2013, or before (see how many get tripped up by that one, LOL).
  2. Post here stating that you want to win.
  3. Be the lucky post number, to be the winner.

That's all folks... The winner will be announced on December 19th. at Noon, so hurry the hell up & post!Tongue Out


i want to win!

too bad i haven’t got a time machine! :frowning:

Count me in out! (Since I have enough OL lights) I'm glad I have a suitable stash of OL lights to hold me over until you continue modding. ;)

But most importantly of all Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway!

I’m in. Thank You

I’m in thanks Justin (if the Mayan’s were wrong :wink: )

Merry Christmas to you, and everyone at BLF, mate.

I’d love to win some OL file work. Happy Holidays Justin and good luck on your to do list.

As usual, your generosity is much appreciated.

Many thanks

I want to win!


I would like to win, maybe this time I will get lucky :stuck_out_tongue:


i like to win mayb i am more lucky then guy above me

I want to win! Thanks —KartRacer31

Count me in! Thanks O-L.

Please count me in.

Bort is in

i’d like to win. merry christmas O-L!

In for an ole nostalgic OL creation… count me in !

Count me in! Thanks O-L.

count me in!
thanks justin for all these giveaways

Count me in pls. Tks, Justin!

But seeing as it looks like an interesting little light… :bigsmile: