Android Chrome (v56, v57) major @#$% up: can't stop downloads?!!!

Posted this in the Google Chrome product forums just a little while ago (grossness warning!):

Can't STOP a built-in manager download in an acceptable way… :-/ (v56, v57-Beta)

Abso-lutely freaking unbelievable!

Cheers ^:)

I almost died in that note part

So, do you try to wipe the program data? I dont know how the name in english, in portuguese it called “limpar padrões”

Well, in Android v5.1 it's under “Settings -> Apps” (“Configurar -> Aplicativos” for Brazilian Portuguese).

This is something one does not usually needs to resort to unless some sort of major screwage happens with an app.

A friend asked me to verify the validity of a @#$% thousands of megabytes link, and I did. The thing started to download butfound no way to stop downloading a file for which I didn't have enough phone storage nor I had any interest in downloading. He was having problems starting the download from his computer. Then I also tested another several hundred megabytes video and found the same incomprehensible problem.

All this sort of stuff smells like deliberate official software sabotage.

Cheers ^:)